New President, Ignorant Values

Editor’s Letter

During the last five years, the social and political movements in the healthcare industry have affected Americans positively and negatively. Let’s be honest, healthcare is over a billion dollar industry that has been at the top of discussion in the U. S. before millennials were ever thought about being conceived.

Although a discussion on healthcare in America could go on for days with no resolution or massive action, both timely and relevant, three trending stories have citizens on the edge of their seat.

These health topics should not go unnoticed by the public.

What’s Happening In April?

April is a celebration of medical professionals’ support for health equity on It’s 2017, and the importance of building a strong foundation to reduce health disparities in primary care are essential for a successful healthcare system.

For instance, the heated debate between Republicans and Democrats opposing views on the Affordable Healthcare Act have put a strain on Americans pockets and insurance premiums.

Another action that adversely affects the bottom line is cuts to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is being bullied by the government. Donald Trump’s provision to shut down Planned Parenthood facilities across the U.S. will be devastating to women.

Human rights are at stake for American citizens with women’s rights at the center of it all.

Also in April, The #MakeHealthPrimary Journal will focus on human rights taken away by healthcare decisions made by the U.S Government and the overall inequality in the workplace. We will address working relationships between nurses, patients and doctors.

Out objective is to bring to the forefront the reality of stereotypes in the healthcare industry.

Planned Parenthood Agenda

Donald Trump’s latest agenda to close Planned Parenthood has made a mockery of women’s health and safety. One in five women will visit a Planned Parenthood in her lifetime.

It is vexing to learn of a near final decision that will put an end on legal abortions. Planned Parenthood benefits men’s health as well. In 2014, Planned Parenthoods nationwide provided vasectomies to 3,445 men.

The U.S. government has began to make decisions that are downright confusing and irresponsible.

Wage Gap Discrimination Cannot Continue

In spirit of Gender Wage Gap Day on April 4th (#20PercentCounts), the infographic syndicated by shows how disconnected females are from males in wages.

Researchers have decoded the visible problems surrounding the gender wage gap and the steady pattern of how basic human rights are denied to females every year. Unfortunately, the 1% elite is refusing to address these critical issues.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Why are women still being treated unfairly in the workplace in 2017?

Based on the economic trends of today, the financial structure of families aren’t built on one income anymore. Many women take care of their families without a spouse in the household and in many situations have no other source of financial support. 
If women are allowed to do the same jobs as their male counterparts, then we would have the opportunity to receive the same wage and not be treated as second-class citizens in our own country.

For example, the world’s highest-paid actress, Jennifer Lawrence, made $52 million in the 12 months to June 2015. However, her salary is only an impressive number until it’s compared to the $80 million banked by Robert Downey Jr., the world’s top-paid actor.

Currently, women must save $1.25 to every $1 a man saves for retirement to keep up their standard of living when they leave the workforce

What’s even more shocking is the fact, men earn more when they enter women-dominated fields. For instance, male preschool and kindergarten teachers earn $16.33 per hour, compared to $14.42 per hour for their female counterparts.

Progress Must Continue

As a mother, aunt and friend, I am obligated to highlight stories surrounding the health and well-being of American families being taking advantage of. 
I am a believer in making change, acting fairly, and paving the way for a future that will be rewarding and tolerable for the generations to come.

We cannot allow the government to mismanage our lives and make devastating decisions for our futures.

If we don’t wake up and find solutions every day to our human rights being violated, then we’re certain to push back the years of our progress toward gender equality.
 Fallon Davis
 Managing Editor of The #MakeHealthPrimary Journal

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