UK aid is supporting the government of Lebanon, UNICEF and organizations like Beyond Association to help thousands Syrian and Lebanese children who have been affected by the conflict in Syria, as part of the No Lost Generation initiative. The tent schools aren’t part of the formal education system in Lebanon, but are essential to provide safe spaces for the many thousands of Syrian children who are living in in-formal camps and unable to go to Lebanese schools. Support from the UK is also ensuring that every Syrian and Lebanese child in formal education has a pack of core textbooks.

Trump’s Muslim Ban Endangers Syrian Refugees To ISIS

Implications Of The Executive Order On Syrian Refugees

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Apr 8, 2017 · 4 min read

By Ali Kasam

An action that had long been thought of as a myth, has recently come true. Leading to disbelief and massive public outcry, not to mention the uncertainty that it brings for those most affected, the 45th President of the United States has put a hold on refugee immigration. The Executive Order that Mr. Trump mentioned so proudly in his election campaign, his supposed plan of action to stop ‘Islamic Terrorism’, has been put in effect with such haste that many inside the White House are still baffled by the decision.

As the dust begins to settle, and we have finally begun to comprehend the sheer scale of chaos that Trump’s Executive Order has brought about, a nagging question lingers. ‘What does the Future Hold for all The Syrian Refugees’? Astonishingly, the United States, a country founded on the principles of morality, freedom, and respect, a country that for so long campaigned for international peace, has closed its doors on the millions of people affected by war around the world.

The Executive Order basically bans people from now six countries (Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen) from the United States for a period of 90 days. Furthermore, the document states that the refugee admission program will also be suspended for 120 days. This allows the screening process to be ‘reviewed’. The overall number of refugees allowed in the United States too will be slashed in half from 110,000 to a mere 50,000. Lastly, the Order also bans the inflow of refugees from Syria for an indefinite period.

To ban refugees from a country like Syria, where the local populace is in dire need of assistance from the outside world, is a decision that is baffling, to say the least. Syria, particularly Aleppo, has been brought down to its knees from fighting between President Assad’s forces and the ISIS. The constant state of war in the country means it is extremely tough for outside aid to reach to those affected. It can be concluded that people inside the country have been left to starve. Now that President Trump has banned Syrian entry to the United States, things are only about to get worse.

All is not lost. While the Syrian people cannot enter the United States, Americans can still make the reverse journey and go to Syria. Therefore, providing medical aid to the Syrians affected by war is still very much a possibility through ‘Travel Nursing’.

Travel Nursing, as the name suggests, is a program that facilitates nurses who wish to visit disaster or war hit areas and give medical relief to the local people. Although the process seems tough, the journeycan be made quite manageable by doing a little bit of homework. In fact, a huge amount of medical professionals from around the world make regular visits to Syria to provide medical relief. Their numbers continue to increase.

The first question any medical professional needs to ask is whether they are mentally up for the challenge or not. Before going to a country like Syria to help, a helpful tip is to first visit the country. Doing this can help with the acclimatization process. This can also help you get an idea of the conditions you will be working in. Once you believe you’re up for the challenge, the next step is to make the necessary travel arrangements. Syria is a country that requires American citizens to get a visa, so make sure that you have one.

Justine Greening talking with Syrian children at a UK-funded clinic in the Zaatari refugee camp.

Thankfully, owing to the huge number of relief campaigns completed in Syria, making travel arrangements has become a simple process. Medical professionals make regular journeys to Syria in groups and the process is very well-organized. Going with such a group will also help ensure that you give medical help to the neediest areas.

Travel Nursing for American citizens is a highly enriching experience. To know that your medical help can make a world of difference can bring about a great deal of satisfaction. For the Syrian people, finding a way to receive quality medical aid can at least ease some of the sufferings. It shows that despite Mr. Trump’s anti-humanitarian policies, there’s still a ray of hope that exists, hope that might one day unite us all.

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We’re a multimedia storytelling studio in Los Angeles, advocating for the advancement of primary care and universal healthcare for everyone. Brought to you by Dress A Med.