Uber Helps Addicts. Hospitals Face Debt. 1M Health Workers Risk Unemployment.

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The U.S. Health Bill has caused Americans great pain and relief in these last few years. Medical professionals have found ways to work around and inside Obamacare to please citizens. The demand for education in nursing is at an all time high, as more nurses are needed for multiple urgent care clinics and home health care options become available. What is essential is the primary care that all of us need to prevent disease. Prevention is key and as a country, how can we all contribute to the survival of the U.S. healthcare system? Read my Editor’s Letter for my thoughts on this subject. — Fallon Davis


Nurses launch clinics for medically underserved areas

After working at several clinics with low-income families, the Sutter sisters wanted to make a difference by opening clinics in support of people who were not able to afford medical services. They came across Manassas Park, a city that is to be “medically undeserved”. Ignoring the preconceptions about this city, they decided to start their practice there. Part of their goal is to “address wellness, not just health” while shifting attitudes for next generation of nurses on how to care for these specific patients.

MultiCare camp helps high school students’ careers

MultiCare Camp provides great hands on experience and life-long skills for college students in pursuit of a medical degree. Students shadow nurses and doctors to see if the medical field was really for them. Adrianna Boyce, was confident in obtaining a job in this field, but it wasn’t until she participated in nurse camp that she realized this was most certainly the career choice she wanted.

Hospitals see blood transfusions drop

The utilization of blood in hospitals were slashed in procedures that used the the most blood transfusions while maintaining the same quality of care. This technique helps hospitals save money but it has proven to improve patient care and results. Blood transfusions may lead to unfortunate incidents if not properly handled and, hospitals are looking to optimize their blood use.


Nearly 1 million health workers risk losing their jobs

There’s a high chance that the health care bill can bring mental health and behavioral services for low-income patients to an end, and threaten funding for county hospitals in Chicago. Although health coverage isn’t the only issue at hand, if Congress rolls back the Medicaid expansion, this could leave about 912,000 health care workers unemployed.

Rural hospitals caring for uninsured face debt

With employees not receiving a raise in three years and being laid off at the same time, it’s not clear as to which direction ACA is headed. There were Medicare cuts from ACA’s expected increase in Medicaid coverage, marginal risks where many rural residents don’t have basic medical care and bad-debt burden.

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Opioid care faces major loss if Senate defunds Medicaid

On average, 13 people die from having a drug overdose every day in Pennsylvania, and this number will only rise with the drop in funding. Due to the vast amount of lost dollars from cuts to Medicaid, the state’s inability to make up the difference will lead to the loss of coverage for those who receive Opioid treatment through this plan.

Uw internships

UW Health internship promotes diversity in the medical field

Diversity and inclusion is becoming more increasingly important in a workplace. There are many students around the world that aren’t exposed to careers in the medical field or even lack the experience. In Wisconsin, there is a program at UW Health that advocates for diversity by offering marginalized groups various internship programs, promoting equal opportunities for all.


Hospital garden tour funds scholarships for aspiring medical students

Seven gardens in Forest Lake, Linwood Township and Lindstrom will be featured on this year’s self-guided Fairview Garden Tour, which raises funds for the Fairview Lakes Medical Center Volunteer Organization. This organization will help fund scholarships for local students pursuing medical careers, and for equipment at Fairview to enhance patient care.

Free Uber rides for addiction recovery patients soars

Nowadays, many people don’t have the means of transportation, and it is easily the biggest barrier when it comes to receiving addiction treatment. Currently, University Hospital’s medical transportation providers are in the process of using Lyft or Uber to transport patients. With free Uber rides, patients will have easier access for addiction recovery and will stay in treatment longer.

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