Introducing The Thread on Medium

Stef Lewandowski
May 15, 2017 · 2 min read

For the last couple of years, Makelight, the learning community that I help run has been really growing. It’s turned into a wonderfully supportive and collaborative membership.

Each month we pick a topic to focus on. A theme for us to explore that will help us grow as people and/or business-owners, understand and develop our creativity, and to achieve a little work/life balance in this busy world!

The focus for May 2017 is blogging, and we’re calling it The Thread. We’re running a series of lessons all about the writing process, how to technically set up a decent blog, and how to run one for the long term, hopefully avoiding falling into the writing doldrums. With a few Q&As and lectures thrown in too.

The Thread is now on Medium as a publication. So anyone who is part of the Makelight membership is welcome to write and submit articles that cover three main areas of interest:

Creativity, Growth, Work/Life Balance

It’s something of an experiment, and we’ll be learning as we go. For now, we have a few simple rules for anyone who’s considering writing a piece. If you’re a member, go and check out our guide on how to contribute.

If you’re a reader, well, a very warm welcome to you and I hope you enjoy what you find here. If any of this rings true, perhaps have a look at the Makelight site and see if you’d like to join us as a member. So far it’s been an inspiring, thought-provoking and positive experience for all of us, me included. Hope to see you in the group!

Stef Lewandowski

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Move fast and make things.

The Thread

Posts about creativity, growth and work/life balance from the Makelight community

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