The Finishing Line

Or is the near completion of this project just the beginning?

The last two years have seen me chasing what for 30 years was an unrealistic dream, to building a really special place in the country where I can explore and encourage creativity in both myself and others.

There is most definitely some innate desire within me to have ‘something to show’ for my time and effort, a need to leave something tangible behind me, but I have wondered recently whether this could have been harnessed in a less complicated way than the renovation of a 1960’s barn into the Rustic Skandustrial Chic that has been the Oak Tree Barn of my imagination! We are really and truly nearly there now, but I will be honest and confess that the last six months have been more than a little painful for everyone. We have been very let down in some areas by unprofessional project management, but on a positive note have had the pleasure of working with some true craftsmen along the way which has been really inspiring.

I suppose for much of my adult life making a home has been my creative outlet, moving every couple of years has certainly given me the opportunity to build a new nest each time and it’s something that I have enjoyed doing. But, for all the pleasures and privileges of our nomadic, expat life I feel that if only we remained in one place for just a little longer I would have the time and space to explore my creativity in greater depth. I have dipped in and out of workshops and introductory courses to many, many creative activities and have enjoyed them all, but never really pursued one thing above all others.

My recently established business, The Simpson Sisters, is proving to be a wonderful way to enjoy time with not only the talented makers/creatives who have tutored the workshops I offer, but all the lovely people who have come along and taken pleasure in learning a new, creative skill. There are many convincing studies on the benefits of creativity, and in my experience it is even more pleasurable in group of like minded people. I am determined to make a success of this venture and to that end am amalgamating this and what was previously my blog into one and the same. I am working on the basis of ‘doing one thing well’ and since I plan to offer workshops at the barn too in the future it makes sense to bring it all together online into a home for The Simpson Sisters and a space where I can share my thoughts on creativity, simplicity and contentment.

I am hopeful that as I become more proficient in running a business and getting to grips with the world of online marketing, I will find more time to pursue my own creativity and slowly discover just exactly what it is that will leave me satisfied and content. Seth Godin writes

“The habits we groove become who we are, one minute at a time. A small thing, repeated, is not a small thing”

so I will keep on learning, keep on writing and keep on making things in the belief that these are good habits to cultivate and might lead to something else.

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With thanks to Makelight for the enormous knowledge and support I have gained from them over the past year.

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