AI competition: one bot to rule the board! 🤖

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1 min readFeb 9, 2018


We are thrilled to present the first Make or Break AI Competition, starting March 2018!

It’s pretty straightforward: you have to create a simple AI agent capable of playing (and winning) a simple board game created just for the competition.

We’ll be providing a simple submission form where you’ll be able to post your agent’s code to play games against other agents.

It’s not table tennis, but it could be… right? (TOPIO at Tokyo International Robot Exhibition, photo by Humanrobo)

This competition will work as a separate and smaller challenge, apart from our main hackathon.

You can participate exclusively online without attending the event, but if you want a chance to win some prizes, you’ll have to show up at the final playoffs during Make or Break, in Porto, starting April 13th.

We are still cooking the game and ruleset, but you can already take a peek at:

We’ve been wanting to expand our competitions for quite some time (since the beginning, actually) and this year we were finally able to take the leap.

We are open to all the feedback we can get, and we really hope this competition can become a cornerstone of Make or Break!

See you in Porto!

Make or Break team