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Boardgamers Porto plays with Make or Break!

We love board games. 🎲
Boardgamers Porto love them even more and can teach us a thing or two!

On September 9th, starting at 7pm, Boardgamers Porto will host a board games night at Make or Break!
They have prepared an amazing night, with all kinds of games.

Social games

“Fun” is the name of the game here. You should still play carefully if you want a chance to win!

Games to be played: Codenames (15 min), The Resistance (20 min)

Gateway games

Strategy games without complex rules or settings. Outsmart your opponents’ strategy to win!

Games to be played: Settlers of Catan (60 to 80 min), Ticket to Ride: Europe (60 min)

Cooperative games

Form a team to play against the board!

Games to be played: Pandemic (60 min), Shadows over Camelot (60 to 90 min)

We invite all hackathon participants and workshop attendees to take part in this activity.
Your favorite game is not listed? Don’t worry, Boardgamers will have other games on the sidelines, in case you want to have more fun!

See you in Porto!
The Make or Break team.



Make or Break is a 3 day tech party in the city of Porto, Portugal, featuring a hackathon and multiple workshops.

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