Make or Break 2018 applications: changes and dates

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1 min readFeb 1, 2018


Make or Break 2018 is just around the corner (less than 3 months away!) and we want to give you a quick update on how we’ll handle applications, starting this edition.

We’ll start reviewing applications before admitting participants, in order to:

  • Reduce the no-show rate on the hackathon and workshops;
  • Increase the general quality of projects.

We will also feature 2 application periods:

  • Until March 15th — by then we will start reviewing the first batch of applications and give feedback to all teams or applicants. Plus, if we happen to reach our maximum number of participants, these applications will have precedence;
  • From March 16th to March 28th — we will re-review all applications that didn’t make it through the first phase, as well as new ones.

Please note that this reviewing process doesn’t intend to leave anyone behind, it mainly aims at making sure people are committed to the hackathon (signing up and not showing up basically means you are taking someone else’s place).

It will also allow us to manage the number of applications properly so people don’t keep bumping into each other in the days of the event.

Make or Break 2018 is still the same inclusive event that welcomes everyone who wants to participate. Just like your mom, we want nothing but the best for you.

See you in Porto!

Make or Break team