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Make or Break — breaking conventions. Apply now!

The team at Porto Summer of Code is organizing a new event called Make or Break.

Make or Break is the successor to Porto Summer of Code, the tech event that has brought together hackers in the city of Porto for the past 3 years.

Starting September 8th, prepare yourself for 3 amazing days with lots of hacking. You can apply now!

Make or Break has a new revamped hackathon style with two main phases:

  1. The “Make” phase: in the first 2 days, the participants develop open-source software projects;
  2. The “Break” phase: in the last day, projects are showcased and tested in a small fair to other participants, who vote on the best projects.

With this new format our goal is to provide concrete recognition for your work and a great way of learning and sharing as a community.

Winners will be voted on 3 possible categories:

  1. Useful: you see yourself using it or it creates social value;
  2. Funny: silly/fun, does not have to be useful, it just has to make people laugh;
  3. Hardcore: technologically impressive achievements.

All participants and collaborators at the event (sponsors, speakers, etc.) will be able to vote for the best projects. This means we won’t have a single jury evaluating your work.

Competing projects must be open-source, and solely based on free/libre open source software. Anyone and everyone can review and learn from your code and it’s also up to each voter whether or not to take it into account while voting.

To know more, make sure to read the rules.

Despite the new hackathon you can still expect the same amount of satellite activities with new workshops and games.

Make sure to check back in the following weeks to know more news.

Remember, applications are open, so make sure to grab your seat!

See you in September!

Apply now? Yes. Do it.



Make or Break is a 3 day tech party in the city of Porto, Portugal, featuring a hackathon and multiple workshops.

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