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Meet Doist — remote work innovators — at Make or Break

The following post is authored by our sponsors at Doist.

Hello Make or Break!

It’s with enormous pleasure that we at Doist take part in Porto Summer of Code — now Make or Break — for the 4th consecutive year! We’ve been following the event closely since its genesis, and we’re proud of what it is becoming year after year.

The idea of giving back to the community where Doist’s only office is located — in Porto — is something that we’ve always been passionate about and it’s something we want to continue to foster.

Nowadays, Doist is a thought leader for the remote work movement. Our team consists of 50 people scattered around more than 20 countries. We don’t require anyone to work on any specific time zone, and we ourselves develop the tools that we use to collaborate (Todoist) and communicate (Twist) in order to achieve our mission of helping people achieve balance between their work and personal lives. If you’re interested in learning more about the way we work, we suggest viewing this talk by our CTO, Gonçalo, about our Remote Workflows or reading this blog post by Allan, our COO.

That said, you probably may not know that the history of this company has very tight bonds with the beautiful city of Porto. We have a small office on Avenida dos Aliados and we’ve been big supporters of every Porto Summer of Code event since its beginning. There are seven Doist team members from the Porto area and several other international team members who work from the office here. Needless to say, we know our francesinhas, we too have enjoyed some sunsets at Passeio das Virtudes, and we too have overdosed on sardinhas during São João!

This year at Make or Break, we’d like to encourage you to take advantage of Todoist’s and Twist’s open APIs on your hackathon projects. Rest assured that we’ll be there to assist with any questions you may have. Even if you don’t use our tech and just feel like knowing more about us, make sure to come say hi!

This year, we’ll once again make sure we are around to feel the hackers’ vibes, eat Porto Summer of Code’s great meals (seriously, we’ve done many hackathons and never experienced such food quality), help you with your technical challenges and, who knows, maybe even kick some butts in Rocket League! 😂

We’re really looking forward to another Porto Summer of Code!

Good luck and have fun everyone, see you soon!




Make or Break is a 3 day tech party in the city of Porto, Portugal, featuring a hackathon and multiple workshops.

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