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Workshops and rules

We are pleased to announce this year’s 6 workshops, but, before that, let’s get serious for a second.

From our experience, as the end of the hackathon approaches, hackathon participants tend to give up their spots in workshops. That withdrawal is far from ideal, as workshops have a limited number of participants and speakers are preparing them with a certain number of participants in mind.

For that reason, we are introducing a new rule:

  • Hackathon participants can only attend a maximum of 2 (two, T-W-O) workshops.

We hope this rule increases the quality of the workshops and the event in general.

That said, here are the workshops for Make or Break 2018:

Workshops on Friday (Coffee, Unreal, and Git), Saturday (TV and Elixir), and Sunday (Blockchain)

Make sure to go to to apply.

See you in Porto!

Make or Break team




Make or Break is a 3 day tech party in the city of Porto, Portugal, featuring a hackathon and multiple workshops.

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