Going to DevCon? See the Maker Events Schedule!

Are you in Prague this week? Join us for a week of events, talks, workshops and parties. Maker will be present and hosting at a number of events, please join us!

  • Status #cryptolife Hackathon
  • Happy hour on a pirate ship!
  • DevCon 4
  • Hosting a rave
  • Defi Summit discussing decentralized finance
  • Blockchain for Good
  • and more!

Status #cryptolife Hackathon

Come join us for the Status #cryptolife Hackathon, where we will be supporting development with our smart contracts. There will be Maker bounties on the Marketplace bounty track.

Date: Friday Oct. 26-Sunday Oct. 28

Venue: National House Smíchov, náměstí 14. října 82/16, 150 00 Praha 5

Friday Oct. 26:

11am: #cryptolife Keynote by Mariano Conti — Maker’s Head of Oracles.

2:15–3pm: ‘Dapptools’ Workshop by Mariano Conti in Hacker Hall East

  • MakerDAO uses the tools developed at DappHub to write, test and deploy smart contracts. Additionally, these tools can be used to write scripts and bots that interact with the blockchain.

3–3:45pm: ‘How and Why to Build your Dapp with Dai.js’ Workshop by Ethan Bennett — Maker Developer.

  • Join us for an in-depth discussion introduction to dai.js — how it works, how to set it up, and how to use it to power your dapp with Maker’s stable value currency and permissionless credit system.

Dai Dappy Hour - Prague Pirate Ship Edition

The last few Dai Dappy Hours were a hit! Come join us for a great evening and fun drinks on a PIRATE SHIP. We’ve hacked a pirate ship where you can pay for drinks in Dai.

Date: Sunday Oct. 28 — 6pm-8:30pm

Venue: Ship Captain Morgan, Náplavka, 128 00 Praha

Limited Capacity: RSVP here.

How It Works:

You must have Dai to enter and be dappy!

1. At the door, pull up your wallet and show us that you have at least 1 Dai.

2. Enter the bar and order your drinks from bartenders.

3. Pay by sending Dai to the QR code pictured on posters around the bar or directly to our Human Faucet Staff. Human faucets will also be giving away ETH (for gas) and providing crypto support. Find anyone wearing a Human Faucet shirt for help.

4. All Dai proceeds will go to the BEN, Blockchain Education Network, to help engage and educate the public about blockchain.

Defi Prague Summit

Join us for a decentralized finance event, with great discussions hosted in Prague. You can request an invite here.

Date: Oct 29 9am — 5pm.

Venue: MeetFactory 3213, 3213/15 Ke Sklárně, Praha 5, Hlavní město Praha, 150

Join Us

9:45am: Asset-backed Stablecoins Session with Rune and Nik

2:30pm: Shared Registries Discussion with Mariano Conti

4:30pm: Defi in Emerging Markets Panel


Date: Oct 30-Nov 2

Venue: Prague Congress Centre, 5. května 1640/65, 140 21 Praha 4

Nov 1

2- 2:30pm: CTO Andy Milenius on “A New Hope for Financial Reform” at the Auditorium

Nov 2

10am-12pm: Martin Lundfall, Denis Erfurt, Lev Livnev, Everett Hildenbrandt, Daejun Park on “Formal Verification Workshop using Klab

Generalized Mining and the Third Party Economy

Date: Oct. 30 — 6pm-9:30pm

Panel: Pawel Grajewski, Maker Head of Keepers, is on a panel with Livepeer, NuCypher, Prysmatic Labs and Cosmos

Blockchain for Good

Join us for a thoughtful event. Dai is launching on Alice. The often whispered about physical Dai tokens will be distributed at check-in. Then send Dai to Alice’s platform by scanning an Alice QR code strategically placed near the ‘donations’ bar.

Date: Oct 31 –6pm-10pm

Venue: Sněmovní 7, 118 00 Praha — Malá Strana

Join Us

5:30pm-7pm: Keynote by Rune Christensen

Halloween Ravecon Party

Date: Oct 31 from 10pm-6am

Location: LUNCHMEAT STUDIO, mlynska 3, 160 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Join Us

10:30–11:30pm: 1 Hour to Dai Event where for 1 hour, you can pay with Dai for fast and cheap access to drinks.

Tower Party with Consensys Dilligence, Balanc3 and Maker

Celebrate the end of Devcon at the top of the tallest tower in Prague! Please RSVP here with this link.

Date: Friday Nov 2 — 7pm-12am

Venue: Top Floor of Tower Park Praha, Mahlerovy sady 2699/1