Making Maker — August 4

We’ve had quite a bit of content and updates put out these past few weeks. The team is enjoying the increased level of activity as we prep for Maker Governance. Here are some highlights of the what’s happened recently:


  • Steven Becker, Head of Risk, described the potential and impact of Maker in a ‘Developing Markets in Underserved Communities’ panel with the Human Rights Foundation at the enterprise blockchain conference Distributed in SF on July 20. He sat alongside the Human Rights Foundation before he moved on to give a talk that overviewed our partnership with Tradeshift.


  • Our President, Matt Richards, captivated the attendees of DappCon Berlin with his visionary keynote at DappCon. Matt’s talk titled ‘Maker — What’s to come’ expands on Maker’s plans and progress in moving towards our mission of true decentralization and stability.
  • Ethan Bennett, our Integrations Dev, also delivered one of the most actively attended workshops at DappCon in which he dove into a special session on Maker.js (our javascript library which will be released August 10)

Governance & Risk Updates:

  • The Risk Team has published Part 2 of the 3 part Governance Risk Framework series. Take a read of Governance Risk Framework Part 2: The Template for Risk and Scientific Governance and participate in our Governance conversations on Thursdays at 9am Pacific Time. You can check out some examples of past discussions here or participate in the new discussions via Google Meet.
  • We’ve published a piece describing the future raise of the Dai stability fee. You can read the medium post here as well as watch the discussion led by Rune Christensen, Steven Becker and Lev Livnev.

Light Reading:

  • Part 3 of our Stablecoin series is out. Read the comprehensive Analysis of Popular Stability Mechanisms
  • Greg Di Prisco, our Head of Business Development, has published another landmark piece for Dummies. You may remember his Part 1 Maker for Dummies that got many of us hooked back in Nov 2017. Check out Maker for Dummies Part 2


  • Swarm Fund partnered with Maker to bring Dai to their investors. Read more here.
  • bZx , margin lending protocol, has partnered with Maker to bring a number of integrations together. Read more here.