Maker Faire is Next Week — Healthcare Needs to Join Us!

There’s a world just around the corner from the US Open, where dragons breath fire, drone buzz acrobatically, robots of all shapes and sizes greet you, and over 100,000 fellow tinkerers gather to take it all in. For those of you have been banished from the Internet for the 5 years, I’m talking about next week’s World Maker Faire in New York.

In a sense, Maker Faire is like a State Fair. Instead, replace the chickens with electronics, the cows with life sized robotic sculptures, and the food stands for 3-D printers, and all manner of prototyping tools. What makes it special is a chance to interact maker communities from all over the globe who brought their creations for the simple act of show-and-tell and learning from each other. It’s a chance to see the power of tangible creation over simple ideation, of community stickiness over traditional patents, and the influence of teardowns and transparent designs over dated blackboxes. This is where accountants, bakers, nurses, and lawyers teach us how the world is really an analog reality that is completely re-configurable.

For the 3rd year in a row, Maker Health will be hosting a MakerHealth tent at the event along to welcome over 100,000 spectators and participants to the joys of solving our greatest health challenges one prototype at a time. Please join us, play with our devices, meet the makers and get inspired to make your own DIY Medical Devices.

For more information, follow us on @makerhealthco and @makernurse and follow the map below to say hello in person health makers!