Connecting a Community of Product Makers | mHUB Chicago

mHUB is Chicago’s first innovation center focused on physical product development and manufacturing.

More than just a fabrication or production shop, they offer a wide variety of prototyping and manufacturing equipment and services to their members. Ultimately, the mission of mHUB is to be a community that helps teams accelerate and grow their business.

Managing 10 fabrication labs across 63,000 square-feet John Welin, mHUB’s shop manager, says that in order to deliver on that mission, “our staff needs to spend as much time as possible on the work that counts: design, engineering and fabrication; and a minimum of time on routine bookkeeping and project management chores”.

One of mHUBs 3D Printing Labs

With MakerOS, everything stays on their white-labeled platform for members.

From a single dashboard, the mHUB team is now able to to review, accept, and process requests for 3D printing from each department. The members are also able to learn about the capabilities of mHUBs manufacturing facilities and develop cost estimates in real time while collaborating with shop managers like John.

This transparency has helped mHUB maintain clear and consistent communication channels with their members and focus on what matters to them most: creating a thriving community.

MakerOS is an end to end management platform for your design, prototype, and production workflow.

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