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At Banton Frameworks we design, make and assemble our handmade eyewear just outside of Glasgow.

Since 2012, we have been honing our skills to produce concise collections of eyewear that has been designed well, made well, here. Founded by Lucy Ross and Jamie Bartlett, we are the makers and designers behind Banton Frameworks.

Jamie Bartlett: co-founder of Banton Frameworks


Our aim is to deliver eyewear that has been designed and made well. Our frames offer a locally made product to the wearer, a decision we think they deserve when choosing such a personal item.

It’s taken years to develop our processes and source our materials for the production of our eyewear. In our endeavour, we’ve avoided the well-worn path to Eastern eyewear factories, instead focusing on using what we had on our own doorstep.

Our collections reflect our capacity as a growing eyewear manufacturer. With a smaller range of choice, our UK made frames facilitate a whole spectrum of face shapes. With fewer models to choose from, we’ve had more time to focus our efforts towards more concise, balanced glasses-frame models.

In batch production, our frames go through a series of more than 36 process. Between the two of us, each frame passes through these production stages to reach you, the wearer. Using high quality materials and precision processes, our eyewear is the result of our optical obsession.


Inside the Banton Frameworks facility, our optical collection is precision machined, from premium Italian acetate.

Utilising new in-house technology, each frame font offers a sculpted feel and a balanced fit. Rotationally polished for three entire days, our frames are finished with an understated matt acetate surface. Robust stainless steel uni-piece temples meet the 10mm thick acetate to create a balanced frame composition.

The uni-piece temples are durably coated across four matt PVD finishes; black, rose-gold, silver and graphite which correspond to the four acetate variants; black, tortoise, blue and grey. These can be identified via their colour codes BLK, TRT, BL & GRY.

Each frame is packaged inside a minimal black carton, secured shut with a tactile silicone band. Upon opening, the carton unfolds to reveal the bespoke hard-case in which the spectacles are securely stowed.