Lease Abstraction with Powered by LEVERTON

If you’re looking for a digital lease abstraction tool to use with Box, look no further. LEVERTON + Box Skills has got you covered.

We’re thrilled to announce the and LEVERTON collaboration that finally brings end-to-end lease abstraction to a DMS platform.

If you use, you may have heard of Box Skills. Box Skills creates a complementary relationship between the DMS and any third-party AI tools that can operate on your documents. The result? A data-rich interface for your documents, all within the ecosystem.

Using this recently published Box Skills recipe, any user can now upload a lease and have it abstracted with LEVERTON’s advanced machine learning AI, all in one place. The best part? It’s fully customizable and easy to integrate.

Box Skills + LEVERTON plug-and-play integration

This means big things for lease abstraction. Forget the hassle of swapping documents between one platform and another. Forget trying to keep everything updated across all services. By combining and LEVERTON, there’s no need to duplicate effort and document management services just to apply a lease abstraction algorithm.

Even better, it’s a secure plug-and-play solution that will save any IT-team dozens of hours of setup and redundant API configuration.

And this is just the beginning of what’s possible with LEVERTON machine learning: Codelitt, a corporate product incubator and innovation lab, partnered with to develop Ada, a digital content management application that extracts information from leases (and other documents) into structured data. We believe that innovative AI collaborations like this will revolutionize lease abstraction in 2019!

To learn more, reach out to and keep up with our engineering blog!