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The importance of learning IoT

The term Internet of Things refers to connecting anything to the internet with a meaningful purpose. IoT refers to making any dumb device smart by giving us the power of controlling it from anywhere, anytime using the internet. Electronic devices connected to wired or wireless internet have immense potential across many use cases.

IoT consists of 3 parts — cloud powered by internet, sensors and actuators.

Sensors are those which provide valuable input data for IoT.

Actuators are those devices which provide output.

Cloud helps in storing various data from the sensor.

In this age of data, Artificial Intelligence is useful to analyse the unstructured data from sensors. But data needs to be presented in a proper format.

IoT has 2 different categories — Home automation & Industrial automation.

These days most of the companies work on IoT data directly or indirectly. Therefore it is important to learn IoT. This is a value added advantage over other people.

We at Makers Tribe help everyone learn this new-age technology.

We provide subscription for students and professionals to make use of our space to learn and work on IoT components. This will help people interested in IoT to learn without the need to buy components to experiment.

Our pricing starts from ₹100 per day and we have different plans.

We also have IoT workshop for Beginners every month during the last weekend. Check out the latest workshop here:

IoT Workshop during July 2019

Advantages of learning IoT at Makers Tribe:

  • Added value when attending interviews
  • Path to shape a career in IoT
  • Developing a passion for IoT
  • Project referrals
  • Exposure to different people

Makers Tribe can be contacted at 9884343409. You can also drop a mail to We are open to collaboration with schools, colleges and corporates.



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