Makers: Go out and Make Things

You’re a maker, we’re all makers. The “it”, “where”, or “how” of what you make doesn’t matter. Simply get out there and make things.

You’re a maker, you’re creative, you’re often inspired.

Making things is a part of me, it defines me. It’s who I am and who I want to be. I design and I write. I build and I make things, therefore I’m a maker.

Creativity and inspiration comes in many forms and everyone is inspired slightly differently. Creativity comes from a time, it comes from a space, a sound, a smell, or a taste. Creativity is in you, it is next to you, surrounds you, and it is you. You’re creative, we’re all creative. Allow yourself to feel it, grant your worries their healing. Know that what you’re doing is important, what you create is beautiful.

Are you inspired to write your next song when you experience the authentic, raw energy of a live concert? I know that I am. Are you inspired to make things when you’re in a certain space? A workshop, a studio, a field, a river, or an office? I know that I am. Creativity surrounds you, resounds, and typically does not pound on you.

Push past perfectionism…

and give in to feeling, knowing, creating, sharing, and growing. Give it your best, though. Your craft deserves practice, your drafts deserve attention, and your tools deserve use. Share what you make with others. Making drafts, sharing creations, receiving input, and learning is important.

Make drafts, then fucking publish them!

Make. Share. Be & Become.