CES 2018: no new folks launches the world’s first shoe log platform Orphe Track

As CES 2018, the largest tech trade show in the world, rolls out in Las Vegas, Makers Boot Camp is excited to share some breaking news directly from Sands Expo.

Our portfolio startup no new folks studio inc. has officially unveiled its latest innovation, the world’s first smart shoes platform called Orphe Track. At CES 2018 booth, Orphe shoes creator Yuya Kikukawa demonstrated some of the new product’s features focusing on a running experience, and analyzed number of steps, step width and rotation of the ankle in 3D.

The sensor module Orphe Core installed into IoT shoes precisely records feet movements and converts into practical data, and it can be easily removed from shoes and replaced by a new one. By making electronic parts replaceable, new new folks engineers have taken into the account the short lifespan of sports shoes.

Orphe Core has 6-axis motion & barometric pressure sensor, vibration motor and a microcomputer STM32L4+ from STMicroelectronics for a low power consumption and high speed processing. It enables high-precision motion analysis and feedback in real time. In addition, each sole is surrounded by a high-density LED tape with lights that can be changed according to the customer’s settings.

The AI incorporated into the sensor precisely analyses the kinetic data and provides a coaching on the customer’s walking and running habits. It memorizes daily movements and shares the data with various services such as insurance companies and fitness centers.

The launch of the product is scheduled for Summer 2018. For the next milestone, no new folks team is planning to work on the additional features such as motion analysis, behavior analysis, movement route analysis (road guidance), focusing on sports, fitness and healthcare. They also consider collaborating with a range of partners such as insurance services by accumulating and researching acquired data.

About no new folks:
no new folks studio inc. is a Tokyo-based startup company developing smart glowing footwear Orphe and its unique platform. Previously, the company has specialized in the art and entertainment fields but it's now developing a range of technological applications for healthcare and sports.
In 2017, MBC Shisaku Fund announced an investment in the startup in order to support it with both investment and hardware prototyping services.

Are you at CES 2018? Meet no new folks creator Yuya Kikukawa at the booth 44752 at Sands Expo, Tech West Hall AD!