What is a logo? : Explained Meaning and History

What is the logo? logos explained meaning and history for Entrepreneurs and Beginners Complete Guide.

What is logo?
What is a logo?

What is a logo?

A Logo is symbol with a combination of text and images that helps a user or customer identify brands and differentiate between companies. logos are part of our history for many decades. Since the stone age when the first man-made tool for the first time, he needs recognition. To recognize who made that particular tool and where.

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What is logo?? Sounds easy to explain right? but it’s not easy as it sounds. I was having the same thought when I started but sadly that’s not the case.

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So I did some research & watch every Video I could find & now writing this article. What is a logo? and the origin of logos and how all this whole concept of the logo started.

In daily life, we see a bunch of logos. the logos are now part of our life. We only notice them when we want to. On our brush, on the grooming kit, lipsticks or soap, on our mobile phone, and on our car. logos are everywhere. they are part of our lives now. So what exactly a logo means?

Let’s start with

The meaning of a logo!

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark. — Wikipedia

Typical to understand right?

A lot of buzzwords graphic marks, emblems, figurative designs, and public identity.

I am going to explain to you in the simple words possible with examples. Not just in the meaning but also the depth of logo design.

The easiest way I can explain this:
logos are symbols with a combination of text and images that helps a user or customer identify brands and differentiate between companies. A Logo can be a mark or symbol and the name of a company that is the Trademark( ™) or Right Reserved (®) of a company or organization.

But the logo is so much more than that!

Journey of a business starts with a good logo & goal of becoming a brand one day that is easily recognizable one day.

It makes users and customers understand what you do. what service you provide. who you are and what you value. It’s not easy for a logo to be the face of the brand!

Logos are one of the most challenging parts of graphic design. Only an expert can make a perfect logo that fits with the brand needs by keeping the visual and graphics rules in mind.

Don’t try to expect too much from your logo that what most people do. Try to make everything with their logo

The logo should work stand-alone as well as with branding and corporate materials too. it’s one of the most important elements of a business and corporate identity just like employees, stationary, goodwill, or product.

Because that is why a logo is designed. To serve a purpose to solve a problem & limitation that a business is facing because of any manner.

The principle of the great logo or test criteria.

  • Simplicity: Is it simple enough to understand the brand? recognizable? flexible enough to fit in brand needs?
  • Memorable: Is it recognizable? and can be recognized in first look? or seconds in the viewer’s mind?
  • Timelessness: It will stay as much fresh as much it is right now in the next 10, 30, or 50 years?
  • Scalability: will it work fine in every context? is it responsive enough to be scalable in different sizes without losing quality?
  • Appropriateness: Does is appropriate according to business?

History of logos: Logos are not new!

Logos are part of our history for many decades. even from the stone age when the first man-made tool for the first time he needs recognition. To recognize who made that particular tool and where.

After that kings, artists and every possible group of society required that.

They made the symbol on Slaves, animals, Coins, and every single place they can just to get the recognition & proof of identity that the thing belongs to the owner.


King’s used emblems as there identity for many years.
you have may be seen an example of those in Game of Thrones seasons.

Game of Thrones HBO

Some used abstract patterns as a symbol some used animals to represent them.

or you may saw some on letters as a red stamp to seal the letters.

Widely used by pottery makers worldwide. that symbolize that where that pottery made or who made that piece of art.


Artists use their signature as their paintings.


Like the solution, I provided to one of my clients to use his signature as a logo.
Dhyan Passika


Logos are getting more & more important day by day. Now maybe you know the meaning and importance of a logo for a business or particular.

What we are going to discuss other than just the meaning of the logo in future articles?

Where you can find the best solution for a logo according to your budget & differentiate between. Which logo works best according to your requirements, brand needs, and needs of your business and When yo use them for your branding and marketing purpose.

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