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Liquid metallic 7 by Pete Linforth

Correction to “Update, October 9th”
Of those who purchase Series 7 Showcase works, there will be only ONE winner of Jarid Scott’s commissioned piece.

Apologies for the miscommunication.

Update, October 9th

To celebrate the grand finale Week 7, MakersPlace Ambassador & Creator, Jarid Scott, will gift an edition of a MakersPlace commissioned work of his to one person who purchases any Series 7 work between now and 8:30am PST (California time), October 14th. Check out the all the Series 7 works here or click on our creators below:

And, check out each week’s winning Series 7 creation in the MakersPlace Private Collection here.

Happy collecting!

Update, August 31st

We received a few great questions from our community of creators that prompted an update to the section titled, “What Happens With The 5 Limited Editions?” (See updates to this section in the Original Article below.)

Welcome to the Kickoff of the SERIES 7 SHOWCASE!

7 weeks to create a series of 7 works
5 editions each
1 theme


These themes were provided by and inspired by the collectors of MakersPlace. Choose ONE theme from the list. Please choose carefully as you will be creating a series of 7 works around the same theme.

• Augmented Humanity
• Augmented Artist
• Augmented Art
• Makers
• Outerplace
• Outerspace
• California Dream
• Lost in the Redwoods
• Gold and Gate Bridge
• Cali-bubble
• High-heels
• Contraption (machine or mechanical device)
• Fragile Balance
• Floating
• Visual Music
• Hidden Depths
• Bulls & Bears
• Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
• Fear of Missing Out
• Whales of Fortune
• Whales
• Moon
• Whole of Halving
• Metallic Memories
• Past the Future
• Happiness in Dystopia
• Tangled
• Everything is Connected
• Frozen Energy

You have 7 days (exactly 168 hours) to BOTH post the direct MakersPlace link to your work (with tags) in the #general channel of our Discord or on Twitter AND to promote your work.

New work must be created within the next 168 hours and directly inspired by one phrase from the list.

Need a refresher on what this art challenge is about and what the rules are? Scroll down.

Good luck, Makers!

(Original Article)

Makers! It’s your lucky 7 weeks to create a series of 7 works, 5 editions each around 1 theme. It will take a lot of patience and determination, but it will be rewarding and exciting, because we’re doing this together!


There are 2 categories of people who will participate for the following reasons:

Participate as a CREATOR to…
• Find your overall style that is uniquely you.
• Learn how to create art that is cohesive and consistent so it’s yours and people know it’s yours.
• Develop patience with the subject matter by delving deeper into the story.
• Learn how to bring traffic to your storefront.
• Increase engagement on your storefront.
• Increase exposure of your works.
• Increase your portfolio of works.
• Reach artistic goals.
• Learn (Improve technique, try new tools, or a new style or medium, etc.)
• Have fun!

Participate as a COLLECTOR…
• For a chance to win an edition from each participating creator.
• To build your very own art collection.
• To establish a connection with the artist of the works you are collecting from.
• To directly support the artist that you are a fan of.
• To get an understanding of the style of digital art you enjoy.
• Have fun!

*This challenge was inspired by Tara Lever’s Mini Series Art Challenge.


Starting Monday, August 26th, MakersPlace will post an announcement of the start of the challenge PLUS a list of collector-supplied phrases for you to choose from.

  1. PREPARE: You have one week for the whole process below — Monday at 8:30am to the next Monday at 8:30am. We will only accept ONE “Series 7 Showcase” creation from EACH participating creator each week starting at 8:30am on Mondays for 7 weeks.
  2. CHOOSE: When you choose your theme from the list, choose carefully, as you will be honing your skills through this theme for 7 weeks. Your 7 works as a whole must be visually cohesive. When all 7 works are displayed together, it must be evident that they are connected* (*at the discretion of the MakersPlace team).
  3. CREATE:
    • Start creating.
    • All 7 of your creations must be newly created and directly inspired by the theme you have chosen and announced in your description.
    • Publish 5 editions on your MakersPlace store.
    • So it’s easy to find, tag your piece in your storefront with: series7showcase
    • You may set a price.
    • Let us know what theme you chose in the description.
    • We highly suggest that you apply your storytelling skills when writing your description. Please refrain from including “created for the Series 7 Showcase” or similar as that “dates” your work and can decrease its value.
  5. POST: Post your direct link with BOTH of the following hashtags #series7showcase AND #makersplaceco …
    • on Discord in the #general channel
    • and/or on Twitter
  6. PROMOTE: Spread the word. Talk to your friends and family. Post across your social medias. Find your local group of art lovers. Network with people who collect.
  7. REPEAT: Publish your next work on Monday starting at 8:30AM (PST — California time)


  1. FIND: Go to Discord or Twitter and search the hashtags:
    #series7showcase #makersplaceco then click on the direct link to the creator’s storefront.
  2. ENGAGE: Like and provide a quality comment (e.g what you like about the artwork). If you’re the first to comment on the Series 7 Showcase piece, you’ll win an edition to add to your collection.
  3. BE THE FIRST TO KNOW: Be sure to follow the creators you like and comment on. This will ensure that you are the first to know when a new artwork drops. As soon as you are notified, provide a quality comment on that piece for a chance to win an edition.


ONE weekly winning creator / creation will be chosen by the MakersPlace team based on the following criteria, and announced each Tuesday, (PST — California time):

  1. Has the creator followed ALL the Series 7 Showcase participation instructions? (See section above, “How Do I Participate As a Creator?”)
  2. Are the 7 works visually cohesive together as a whole? When all 7 works are displayed together, it must be evident that they are connected* (*at the discretion of the MakersPlace team).
  3. The MakersPlace team will also consider Likes, Comments, Follows, Description, etc. as they review each submission.


This section updated August 31, 2019:

  1. The first collector to provide a quality comment on each of the Series 7 Showcase submissions each week will be gifted an edition of that work by the creator of that work.
  2. MakersPlace will guarantee a $50 bid for an edition of the ONE winning work of the week, and will place it in the MakersPlace Gallery.
  3. The Winning Creator will keep the other editions to do with as they will.


  1. Chosen creations will be shared each week:
    • on
    • To thousands of subscribers on our monthly newsletter.
    Discord: In the #general channel
    Twitter: @makersplaceco
    • Instagram: @makersplaceco + @arts.lovr
    • Facebook: @makersplaceco
  2. On September 2nd, we will end submission time, and open the floor for submissions of the next piece in your series. This will repeat Monday every week until October 7th.
  3. The MakersPlace team will post the winning submission every Tuesday on a weekly basis until October 15th, 2019.

That’s it! Reach out to us on Discord or Twitter if you have any questions.

Good Luck & Happy Making!


MakersPlace is the easiest way to create and sell unique digital creations.

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MakersPlace is the easiest way to create and sell unique digital creations.

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