Improved Creator Controls & Customization

Dannie Chu
Jan 11 · 3 min read

At MakersPlace, we strive to be the easiest place to create and sell rare digital artwork. Today we’re excited to announce a number of new features aimed at making it even easier to control and customize the look and feel of the artworks on your store.

Create and Manage Categories

We understand that your works can span different styles, media and subject matter, so we want to make it easy to organize and express this through your MakersPlace store.

You can now easily create, edit, and add artworks to any number of categories by clicking the +New Category link in your store.

Example category by Nicolas Leslie

You can also set any category as your default category, which will serve as the first page that your fans and collectors see when they arrive at your store. Here’s an example by Reinhard Schmid.

Default landing page by Reinhard Schmid

Finally, once you’ve created your new category, you can also rearrange your categories by simply dragging-and-dropping your categories.

Whether you’d like to group your artworks within a series, or tell a cohesive story behind your pieces, we hope these features provide just another great way to express your creativity!

Arranging your Artworks

This is our least known, but most loved feature on MakersPlace, so we want to take this opportunity to share it with everyone. If you’d like to rearrange the artworks on your store, simply drag-and-drop your artworks in the order that you want it displayed. Voila!

Auto-playing Animated Artworks

Last but not least, we’re experimenting with a new feature to better showcase your animated artworks. Currently, a collector needs to hover over your animated artworks to see them animate. Now with the added customization and controls over your artworks, your animated artworks will play automatically.

If you feel like your animated artworks may draw attention away from your non-animated artworks, you can rearrange your works or organize them into separate categories!

We’d love to hear what you think about these new features. Please let us know by e-mailing us at or letting us know in our Discord community.

Get in Touch

If you’re a digital creator, you can learn more about MakersPlace here.

Will you be in the San Francisco Bay Area on the evening of January 18th? Come see us in person at the Pancakes & Booze Oakland pop-up art show!

If you think there’s an opportunity to collaborate, we’d also love to hear from you. You can reach us at or on our Discord channel.

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MakersPlace is the easiest way to create and sell unique digital creations.

Dannie Chu

Written by

Founder MakersPlace, Growth Advisor. Previously: Growth @ Pinterest, Founder @ Foodoro(YC '09)


MakersPlace is the easiest way to create and sell unique digital creations.

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