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MakersPlace rep explaining the use of the Artivive phone app which makes the static digital art come alive on the phone.
Photography by Ngoc Nguyen, featuring art by Gala Mirissa (left) and Norma Xelda Jara (right)

MakersPlace Stacks Its Odds on Pancakes & Booze

At first glance, Pancakes & Booze might seem like a breakfast event for beer lovers. But, that’s only if you like to wash your breakfast down at night with beer and a large serving of over 800 works of art in its many forms: body painting, music performances, jewelry & accessories, live art, analog art, and now — rare digital art!

With almost 2000 collectors in attendance, Pancakes & Booze has been a great way to introduce people to this new form of art called rare digital art.
Some of the first rare digital art pieces sold at Pancakes & Booze include Sam Burton’s ode to the video games of the 80s — “Retro drive”, Steven Verdile’s minimalist rendition our of favorite sitcom of the late 90s — “Central Perk”, Marija Ancic’s animation of a trap and female character in stalemate — “Jump” and David Reza’s profession of love for the city by “The Bay”.

Infinitely Copyable

Just like music, digital art is infinitely copyable, and there is no technology currently that has been able to stop this from happening. But we are part of a movement that is trying to protect the rights of these artists. Right now, what we can do is use a new software called “blockchain” to provide digital artists a way to authorize a particular amount of editions or an edition of their work, provide solid unchanging proof of this (authentication) and also keep track of who owns the work long after it’s left the hands of the artist (proof of ownership or provenance). Any digital art that uses this software is referred to as rare digital art.

A high angle view of the Pancakes & Booze art show pop-up event in San Francisco, CA
Pancakes & Booze, San Francisco — Photography by Ngoc Nguyen

A Great Match

Before joining MakersPlace, I was an avid fan of Pancakes & Booze. A non-pretentious space, where art could be enjoyed without judgement and free pancakes, seemed like a perfect place to introduce the digital creators of MakersPlace. So we did — first in our hometown of San Francisco and most recently in Los Angeles where we featured the animated digital works of our artists around the globe, including Joe Chiappetta, Madalina Garbea, Mar Espi, ruth allen, ArtbyMitrai, Norma Xelda Jara, Gert-Jan Akerboom, Ruffensteint, Jsf, Sam Burton, Bit Errror, Gala Mirissa, and David Reza.

Left to right: Left photo — Max Osiris, Denise & Joe Chiappetta, Dannie Chu. Right photo — Daniella & David Reza

Connecting in LA

When we visit cities abroad, the ‘maple syrup on the pancake’ is always the opportunity to meet the creators of MakersPlace in person. We were honored by the presence of Joe Chiappetta and David Reza — both LA-based artists, as well as Max Osiris, who happened to be holding his own Crypto Art Show in Los Angeles that same weekend! Joe was a tremendous help to us in preparation for the show, and David was kind enough to provide LA-themed NFT sticker giveaways to the Pancakes & Booze attendees who visited our exhibit.

Black & white gif of clouds moving in the sky around a large planet in the distance over the skate park at Venice Beach.
Skate & Destroy by David Reza
An overview of LA highway traffic with someone’s surreal (made of stars with a hot pink glowing outlined) feet up on a ledge.
Over it all by Madalina Garbea

In fact just about all of the digital works featured at the event were LA-themed: City of Film Noir, Cults of LA, Palm-Tree Streets, Hollywood Memories, LA Skaters, Venice Beach and LA Graffiti.

Even though the palm trees and sunny L.A. weather spoiled us, nothing beats a warm stack of pancakes and a cold IPA back in the Bay. You’ll have a chance to do exactly that in Oakland with us soon!

Get in Touch

Join us at Pancakes & Booze Oakland — January 18th!

If you’re a digital creator, you can learn more about MakersPlace here.

If you think there’s an opportunity to collaborate, we’d also love to hear from you. You can reach us at or on our Discord channel.

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