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Osinachi: Higher State of Being

An artist holds a mirror up to self and society issues to bring us all to a higher plane of existence

Fertility by Osinachi

Word Must Obey

Aba, the city of Osinachi’s childhood in South-East Nigeria, is known as the Japan of Africa. A Google search of Aba brought up words such as “commerce”, “enterprising” and the slogan “iron must obey”. So it’s no wonder that Prince Jacon, better known as crypto artist Osinachi, would be enterprising enough to bend a word processor platform to his will to create digital art.

His journey to becoming an artist began with paper sketches. After his dad set up an email account for him, he soon discovered the computer and the internet. His love of literature led him to writing short stories and poems on Microsoft Word. Soon thereafter he discovered Word’s drawing tools, and in 2014, Osinachi began taking digital art more seriously.

Looking Into the Mirror

Growing up in Aba, he would often help his grandmother hawk some wares around town, exposing him to a variety of people and personalities. The good, the bad and ugly experiences sparked his interest in storytelling, and influences his visual art to this day. Osinachi has a knack for holding deeply intellectual and provocative mirrors up for all the world to see. The subjects

in his current body of work are people, and his models are often interested in seeing his finished pieces. Looking “into the mirror” they discover that his style of figurative portraiture is not just representative of them but of deeper subject matters in their shared culture such as single motherhood, climate change and Nigeria’s anti-gay laws.

It is supportive of his philosophy, “Art is not escapism. Through my art, I want to present things as they are, and by doing so, confront issues.”

“Art is not escapism. Through my art, I want to present things as they are, and by doing so, confront issues.”

Osinachi’s Top Selling Works

Elephant in the Room by Osinachi sold to Artnome
Becoming Sochukwuma by Osinachi sold to katevass

A New Work Stands Out From Sitting With Self

Osinachi’s process of creating art starts with a vision which he sets out to match or exceed. He sits with this vision to allow the idea time to develop. When ready, he directs and photographs a model to bring the vision out of his head and sketches from that photo onto Word.

With the unveiling of his new feature piece, TARFA TRANSCENDING, Osinachi holds up the intellectual and provocative mirror for us to see ourselves naked in the simple yet powerful idea of self and the importance of being “a foundation for individualism…the very nucleus of humankind.” TJ Benson, a.k.a. Tarfa, a notable Nigerian writer sits at the center of his piece — the subject through which Osinachi expresses that with the elevation of the self, the greater population of humankind can reach a higher state of existence.

Ready to take this Osinachi-made journey with us to a higher state of existence? …

TARFA TRANSCENDING (Only a preview, click to view full artwork)

View Full Artwork >>

This piece and Osinachi’s complete collection is being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until Feb 26, 2020.


‘Daydreaming’ Group Exhibition — Lagos, Nigeria

‘iDesign” Group Exhibition — Lagos, Nigeria

Ethereal Summit Conference in New York, RARE Art Labs — 2018

‘Osinachi — Existence as Protest’ Debut Solo Show — Switzerland

Bridgeman Studio Award 2019, Finalist

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