Toucan Skeleton, screen print edition | NFT + Art by Skeenee

Skeenee Holds Skeleton Key to Collectors

How One MakersPlace Creator Discovered His Artistic Groove & the Importance of Spreading the Word About It

Ann Marie Alanes
Dec 23, 2019 · 5 min read


Skeenee is a Belgian tattoo and rare digital artist based in Madrid, Spain. When he was a child, he wanted to dedicate his life to drawing and creating. He would often get in trouble at school for drawing non-stop and at home for participating in such distractions. Growing up in a traditional family meant that he would have to finish up his university studies before even attending his first art class. His artistic journey started with classical animation studies in Vancouver. He even won a spot in the “Lee Mishkin Film Making Scholarship program" in 2006 by VanArts in Vancouver where he was asked to stay an extra year to develop his own short story.

Despite these wins, the art of classical animation died. He dispassionately turned to working in commercial animation, until one day he spoke with the tattoo artist while he was getting a tattoo. He realized how happy her job made her feel. It was at that point that he knew that this would be his next path. He quit commercial animation and focused all his efforts on learning to draw, paint and tattoo. But he only had a short 9 months. His wife was pregnant and he knew that he would have to perfect his skills and get his life back on track before their first child arrived. This journey and its culmination is something that Skeenee is quite proud of.


Another achievement that Skeenee takes pride in is having completed his Animal Skull & Bones series, much of which you can view on his store on MakersPlace, a rare digital art marketplace powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It is the first time in his life that he has stuck to a project for so long. If you haven’t already noticed, Skeenee is obsessed with skulls and anatomy. He even created his own social money called $SKULL which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and has used this to motivate his fans to participate in his promotions on Twitter and various other activities, such as critiquing his Virtual CryptoArt Museum built in Cryptovoxels. Cryptovoxels is a virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain, and Skeenee even built his own Skull Gallery! Take a visit here.

First 3 buyers of NFT + Art Toucan Skeleton by Skeenee receive a Meet & Greet with Skeenee at his Skull Gallery on Cryptovoxels! Buy yours now and contact us at


You might wonder why a tattoo artist like Skeenee is spending a lot of time on the Ethereum blockchain and Twitter. Well that’s where much of his rare digital art clientele hangs out. It is quite a symphony of activity that he composes from his orchestra of fans, starting with his most recent Toucan Skeleton Screenprint Edition | NFT + Art where he gives away a hand-painted screen print for every digital piece purchased:

And he has quite a handle on how to create FOMO, often partnering with many crypto collectible and crypto art companies:


Skeenee used to dedicate 99% of his time creating and would post on Instagram the rest of the time. For years he thought that his job was solely to create and as he got better at his craft, people would easily see his maturing skills and purchase his work. His friends helped him realize how wrong he was, advising him to promote his work a couple of hours a day on average. Since then he’s been selling more and more of his work. He stresses that promotion doesn’t have to be boring.

Skeenee & his daughter in Animal Skull T-shirts

“ I enjoy making time-lapses of my drawings. It allows to me to review the way I draw & improve my techniques, help other people to learn to draw, and at the same time promote my craft.
The giveaway I did last week was also a great experience. It allowed me to meet new like-minded & talented artists, was a fun way to engage with my audience, and was a great boost to my social media channels while demanding minimum effort. I think engaging with our audience is essential. I am quite active on some Discord channels, Cent, Twitter…Cryptovoxels up to now has been an incredible experience. Even if the project is still in beta and a bit unstable, it allowed a lot of people to view my work in a revolutionary way. Some of my biggest sales, NFT & physical were the product of my virtual Skull Gallery.” — Skeenee, Rare Digital Artist

Get your very own Toucan Screenprint Edition | NFT + ART here at MakersPlace! AR layer activated after 10 sold!
You can see Skeenee’s process of creating art through his speed drawings on YouTube here.
Learn more about Skeenee’s online Skull Gallery in Cryptovoxels here.
Listen to the Cent Spotlight special on Skeenee where he talks about his life, rare digital art, and how he’s bringing ideas to the world here.


Here are some of Skeenee’s works sold through MakersPlace:

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