Stack Up Some Time at Pancakes & Booze Oakland

Showcase Your Rare Digital Art in the Arts Mecca of the West

Ann Marie Alanes
Dec 23, 2019 · 2 min read

Have you ever stopped at the window of an art gallery and had second thoughts about going in? There are no second thoughts at “one of the largest pop-up art movements to hit North America over the past decade”. Pancakes & Booze welcomes everyone into a space of free expression and free pancakes. MakersPlace will be joining in for the third time to help celebrate their 10th Anniversary year in Oakland, CA, which means you have a chance to exhibit your animations with us there, wherever you are in the world!

Artists featured from left to right: Greg Fiut, Norma Xelda Jara, Kaitlyn Dougon and Shortcut


Want to participate? Follow these steps:

  1. Create and publish (to your MakersPlace store) one or more NEW original artworks. Don’t have a store? Ask for an invite code at Discord.
Featured art: The Boxer by Edo Faravelli


The deadline for exhibit submissions is Monday 1/13 @ 11:59pm PST (California time).

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area on January 18th, drop by Oakland and meet us in person! Tickets here.

🍀 Good luck! 🍀

Get in Touch

If you’re a digital creator, you can learn more about MakersPlace here.

If you think there’s an opportunity to collaborate, we’d also love to hear from you. You can reach us at or on our Discord channel.

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MakersPlace is the easiest way to create and sell unique digital creations.

Ann Marie Alanes

Written by

Community Builder | Emotional & Social Intelligence | Blockchain | Decentralization | Events | Retail | Street Fashion | Street Art | Design


MakersPlace is the easiest way to create and sell unique digital creations.

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