Prior to today, San Francisco applicants to MakerSquare have had to pay the full MakerSquare tuition, $13,880, all up-front. This requirement, in addition to the outrageous living costs in San Francisco, makes attending MakerSquare financially prohibitive in some cases. That’s why we’ve introduced a new tuition model.

Now, San Francisco applicants can pay $8,500 before the course, and $5,380 up to 6 months after graduation.


There are three major factors that affect a student’s decision to choose a programming bootcamp.

  1. Student outcomes — placement rate
  2. Personality of classmates, teachers & staff
  3. Tuition & Cost of living

We already place students at a high rate, we have a proven track record of having amazing instructors, and our graduates say amazing things about the program. It’s #3 that we’re addressing here. We believe this change will attract the best San Francisco applicants to choose MakerSquare. We are the same five-star rated school, we have the same amazing staff, and now, we’re more financially accessible.

Why now?

We’ve always wanted to make MakerSquare financially accessible to high quality students. Now that we’re a mature business, we can finally make this possible for our students in San Francisco, and are really excited to do so.

Does this hurt the San Francisco experience?

It does the opposite. Having the absolute best students enhances the experience far greater than any other investment we can make into any other part of the business. To put it another way, we’re investing into our own students.

Will there be an interest rate on the deferred payment?

No. Consider this a 6 month, 0% interest loan for $5,380. We’re confident students admitted to MakerSquare San Francisco will be able to find employment as software developers after the course, and we’re confident we will continue to have an excellent relationship with graduates, so we’re not worried about charging interest.


If you’re interested in applying, submit your primary application, then get started with the coding challenge.

MakerSquare Team

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Thanks to Nikhil Daftary, Amanda Contreras, Way Spurr-Chen, Michael Ornellas, elyse holladay, and Gilbert

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    MakerSquare Team

    Posts by members of the MakerSquare Team

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