Transforming Early Makers: 12 weeks to change everything!

Hello, I’m Julia, I’m 24, and in my former life I was a civil engineer. Currently, I’m a student, doing the Specialized Masters in International Strategy and B-to-B Marketing (now entitled Specialized Masters® in Digital Transformation, Marketing and Strategy) and I took part in the last edition of Transforming Early Makers.
 TEM is a real adventure. Shall we start with a few figures, just to set the scene? 233 students, 5 specialized Masters programs, 12 different subjects, 12 weeks of hard work… there, that gives you an idea of the scenario ;)

We threw ourselves into it, right from the start of the academic year: forming groups, even though we didn’t know each other, choosing a cluster, and creating a call for ideas for three clusters; all in the space of five days. Our first choice of cluster, which was called “Soli-Care Generation” and had Pierre Agullo as its Cluster Leader, was duly selected. Afterwards, it became something of a routine, although there was no time to get bored! Monday meeting, round table on Wednesday, and Friday morning coaching with the Cluster Leader.

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Every week, in my cluster, we provided two deliverables. In the end, working on a Friday became unavoidable, because the deliverables are something fairly special, and you don’t necessarily completely understand them, or see the point of them right away. But the Cluster Leader was there to help us to see things more clearly. Big thanks to him!

After that, we had to make up for lost time, particularly when it came to drawing up the Business Plan. To be frank, harmonizing the writing of the plan was a real headache… And don’t even mention the figures, which cost our money team a few sleepless nights. Another big part of all this was getting ready for the final event, the Disruption Day, when we had to present an introductory video and make a pitch to a jury of university teachers and entrepreneurs.

The video was made pretty quickly, but preparing the pitch was more time-consuming — because it was essential for us to make people understand the content of our project. Clearly, we were fairly successful in that, as we were rewarded with a place at the MindFhack* event organized by Groupama, and we also won the Jury Grand Prize! So, it was a double reward…

Ah, yes. I forgot to tell you that, along with my work in the cluster, I was also responsible for organizing the TEM presentation day! As if I didn’t have enough to do already… But then, that’s also a fun situation to be in ;) Do you want some more figures? 24 students, 2 community managers and a super teacher: Stéphane Dalmon, the manager of TEM. Like us, he was 200% determined that the event would go without a hitch on the day.

Together, we have created everything: the logo, the name, the communications, and the animations[1]. The Disruption Day event was held over the course of one morning, during which we had to assess 12 videos and pitches, and also award seven prizes. So, it was essential to have dynamic people who could drive everything. That’s why I decided to organizing a casting session that was open to all the MS. As a result, we had two brilliant duos, who did a huge amount of work: Noreen Louis (MS SDAI) and Benjamin Mouchet (MS MAEVA), followed by Maxime Marie (MS EMI) and Zacharie Thiery (MS EMI).

As you will have realized, TEM is an unforgettable experience that enabled me to manage several projects at the same time and to find out more about myself during that time. I now know from experience that being organized is good, but being agile is so much better…

* MindFhack: 54 hours dedicated to thinking about the impact of robotics and Artificial Intelligence on society and people’s skills, and to creating positive projects for the future.