How data and analytics are transforming the live music business including fans data leading to new marketing and sales direct opportunities.

Live music is always a specific moment for both fans and artists. Concerts, festivals or smaller showcases, they all can be intimate, epic and it’s definitely an unique shared experience.

Some figures : in 2017 🇨🇦 70% of Canadian live music event-goers buy tickets within 2 weeks of release (Nielsen). 🇫🇷 42% of French population attended a live show a year vs. 31% 4 years ago according to the . And 74% of them buy their tickets online.

In the USA 🇺🇸, 50% of the United States’ general population attended at least one type of live-music event — 33% attended concerts; 18% went to music festivals; 24% attended small live music sessions; and 18% flocked to club events with DJs. Millennials (those aged 18–34) were the most likely of all age groups to see live music (Nielsen’s 2017 US Year-End Music Report). Surfing on this global wave, live producers, promoters, managers et artists are gearing up...

Around this $32bn live music market (over 50bn$ including copyright according to ) fans data represent a goldmine for every stakeholder.

More generally, internet and the live experience are pretty much tied together. Be it tickets purchases, requesting info, watching a show or sharing with friends some excerpts of a concert via social media.

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The challenge today is to enhance the fan experience and generate additional revenues through marketing activations, VIP upgrades, merchandise and more…

The most difficult part is to really know who is in the attendance, where the fans came from…Marketing activations, online, onsite, is the way to capture that data that will offer better / safer perspective to event organizers and managers… Make The Link platform is dedicated on capturing that data that will provide the enriched fan info thanks to a simple landing page and a quick social login connection. In other words, this means that bands would know much better where to play and not risk playing in half-empty venues, plus, know where to market more heavily in areas where the interest is low.

Here are a couple of examples : how to use MAKE THE LINK for live music ?

Use pre-sale exclusive fans campaigns 🎯

The 1st communication phase is crucial : Fans can register to be notified when the tickets are available or be offered an exclusive 24hrs window (as ). Data catpure + happy fans who could receive further info, content about their artist, festival, very easily.

© 2018 Make The Link — Festival “Moments” landing page.

Generate easily contests to get closer from the audience✌️

Sharing a sweepstakes on social networks is an excellent way to capture audience attention. Fans wiling to attend are indeed the most invested. As Make The Link will let you know where the fans are located, their age category, you’ll be happy to use this to optimize your communications, advertising…

How to engage fans ? VIP packs, meets & greets, discounted merchandising, exclusive content, possibilities are endless…With the sum of data captured, you’ll get a nice ROI.

Check the brands and sponsors… 🛍

The old days of festival marketing — the generic name on a stage or a banner in a tent somewhere — are over….Brands will now be focusing more on building relationships with specific artists, type of music via an “engagement marketing” strategy which tries to create a two-way relationship getting the consumer and the brand to interact in the real world. So-called brand activations, like those on site at concerts and mostly at festivals, are the predominant way to make that happen. Millenials love and want value to be created…

Make The Link, will drive you to the perfect match. Our data set will let you know which brands are the most appreciated by your own audience. That’s quite an advantage to make the partnership last …

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… as well as the influencers ! 😎

A couple of years back, promotion was solely made by traditional media or pure advertising. Today the influencers have entered the arena. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead pay influencers to get out the word for you.

Whichever the channel used, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, they are powerful, Millenials tend to trust influencer opinions. The real deal remains, target your needs, offer a discount or an incentive to engage the community.

Influencers may also serve after the event and push concert reports, to capitalize on the activation and push commercials links like merchandising or ticketing.

Don’t forget the music 🎶

Recently, we’ve developed a new landing page, format called “Moments” which enable a cool activation. You’ll promote your own content generated like videos or a playlist for the fans filtered by filters of your choice. Based on musical genre, birth or any date, mood or location. A festival could have multiple playlists and festival-goers would then re-discover the headliners discography upon many angles !

But this is not all, you could “unlock” exclusive commercial opportunities : we could further think that redeeming coupons, “goodies” from festival / concert partners would be a wonderful reward to offer.

The sponsor would get a better ROI out of their partnership, more intense, including personalized offering discounts. The festival / concert organizer would capture enriched and qualified fans data !

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Be “digital” : before, during & after ! 🚀

Unique opportunities exist in the live music business thanks to unexplored digital marketing activations.

BEFORE A SHOW, make sure to offer pre-sales and contests driving potential attendees to your ticketing pages. For a festival the complete set of playlists coupled with line-up announcements and ticketing offers will stimulate the audience. On a brands & partnerships level, a festival could as well ink new deals by checking and analyzing very easily the most appreciated brands of your audience.

DURING, invite the best-fitted and renowned influencers who could promote the concerts / events in the time and enhance its visibility on an audience that may not be your primary one. The lifespan of concerts now extends far beyond the final set, with platforms like Snapchat and Instagram empowering performers to better connect with fans and gain valuable marketing insights about attendees.

FURTHER, social media allows promoters and venues deeper intimacy with audiences, enabling them to take on a specific tone–ideally welcoming, amusing and familiar. Through social, promoters have the ability to share content beyond show announcements, reaching into pop culture and timely themes that generate a deeper sense of fan loyalty and engagement.

For the first time, fans no longer have to physically attend shows to immerse themselves in live experiences, able to follow along through live updates or tune in via webcast.

Live music and data collected across these various opportunities will build a better experience for the fans thanks to its assertive power.

This is just the beginning !

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Fans Management Platform 👉 Fans targeted advertising. 🤩 Marketing formats to capture fans data, segment, personalize every communication.

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Fans Management Platform 👉 Fans targeted advertising. 🤩 Marketing formats to capture fans data, segment, personalize every communication.