Spanish Wall Calendar

Mrs. Jimenez, our Spanish teacher, asked if we could work with her students to design a calendar that could be used in her classroom. She hoped it would do two things; be useful for marking tests and quizzes and also be used as a teaching aid for days of the week and months of the year. I worked with her students to decide what kind of Spanish calendar they wanted to create, a month by month flip calendar or a full year wall calendar. The flip calendar would allow for more pictures and text while the wall calendar would be better for long term planning.

Sometimes when presented with a choice between A and B, the best answer is C. A student suggested that we might try to do both, create a six month flip calendar. The overall size would be the same as the wall calendar we were talking about, but with a flip up section to show the second half of the year. By laminating the calendar we could make it reusable from year to year as well! IDEApath class student Devin Randal acted as design consultant on the project and he inserted the pictures and text selected by the Spanish students into a design created in Lucidpress and printed on our large format printer.

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