To me was showed a wild side.

Maybe it’s not the useful thing to write, and I can’t think about nothing but it, so you should pardon me and read ’cause it was revolucionary to my mind and heart.

I have one publication that I buried with texts about my “love”/ “passion” or another thing my mad mind was thinking that was feeling, although I was feeling very well about all this “love” something inside my chest start to say (and my friends as well) that this feeling wasn’t what I thought . Yes, he was kind and pacient, smells very freaking good, he’s smile is like a sunshine right to my… PANTS! That was what I confused with that thing that most people hunt with hunger and anger. I was not on the clouds, I was very turned on; must confess that I still am, when he talks or an inconvenient breeze brings me his perfume to me, but now I took security measures, so it’s hard to happen.

The things were too dangerous when we used to talk, sometimes he tried to make me still feel something for him, ’cause he knows that I like him, but as I thought not the way I actually do. Fortunately he did stop to answer me, what at first view was very rude and know was the best thing that happen, by the way I couldn’t stop, and for him and his distant heart was too easy. I always thought I couldn’t feel just sexual tension for someone, on the beginning of the year I discovered about asexual people, and I really thought I was the romantic kind, so you are able to imagine how I was surprised when I realized what I was feeling as a physical thing, and that was like on two weeks ago.

If I still was with my “romantic” state of mind I’d go after him and said all of this, but I just can’t, I can’t keep on this way, I’m tired of this pavement, I new route would be awesome. Maybe on two weeks we’ll go to a pijama party together, and I don’t know what will I do, because I started to be SO impersonal with our relations lately, that I can just leave him at a corner or be in a corner and left him with the others. I don’t know, and I don’t want to.

At last, I know it was to “lyrical” but you should think about it. You love a person like a feeling of caring or like a feeling of a wild and extremely physical thing?

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