Our 2030 Strategy Guides Every Decision- Big or Small

Insights from Montserrat Salazar Gamboa, Country Director of THP-Mexico

Women of Rancho Pineda, Oaxaca, Mexico conduct a cooking demonstration in 2019.

890 self-sufficient municipalities. 4.7 million people awakened to their own potential. These are the goals declared in THP-Mexico’s 2030 Strategy. These numbers, these faces, are on my mind every day. My team and I use them to guide every decision, big or small.

I have found that having a 2030 strategy in place helps create momentum and focus around everything we at THP-Mexico do.

We know that to achieve our 2030 Strategy, we must cultivate collaborative partnerships, where the work of many drives toward a shared vision and generates a result for the benefit of all parties. Cooperation can build bridges, but today it is no longer enough. Today’s world requires transformative leadership, full of empathy and collaboration. The deepest meaning of collaboration focuses on the strengths and talents of others. Cooperation implies shared ownership and common purpose, not only doing things together.

Hermalinda shares her vision for her community, Rancho Pineda, Oaxaca. (Mexico, 2019)

By declaring our goals with our partners and allies, we are able to bring each of those 4.7 million visions of dignity into every meeting and every relationship. This helps us stay on course, working toward a Mexico that works for everyone. True, powerful impact requires collaborative actions, and those actions demand collective intelligence and shared vision. When we build these partnerships, we are not only thinking about the tangible shared goal, we are thinking about maintaining a relationship of infinite trust.

We listen to others first, connecting with their thoughts, inspirations and visions. Transforming the world requires a deep understanding of who our partners really are. This mindset transforms the partnership from utilitarian relationships, which have had serious consequences on our collective work, to trustworthy relationships with a shared vision.

Today, our interconnectedness no longer needs further evidence. Thousands of reflectors and magnifying glasses are helping us visualize what is missing. We need partnerships to see truly widespread adoption of gender-focused, community-led development. We need partnerships to scale our impact — for us, to reach 4.7 million people in 890 municipalities.

When we recognize the value of the other, we are recognizing the ability we have to catapult thousands of lives and realities.

Montserrat Salazar Gamboa is the Country Director of The Hunger Project-Mexico, having served as the Deputy Director for several years. She has 22 years of fundraising experience with a specialization in Corporate Giving, Managing Nonprofit Organizations and Building Sustainable Nonprofit Organizations. She also holds a law degree from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM); a specialization in management philosophy and project management from the University of Comillas de Madrid; and a degree in fundraising management from Indiana State University.



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