Just getting started

I’ve been meaning to start writing on Medium for some time. For way too long, in fact. The thing that stopped me was the lack of an idea that I thought was good enough to write about.

Actually, that’s not quite true. I could think of lot’s of things I wanted to write about and which I thought at least a few people might find mildly interesting. What stopped me was thinking I needed a theme to tie it all together. And I needed a cool title for my publication.

Then I remembered a quote that I‘ve been known to use when our team is having trouble making an important decision:

perfection is the enemy of good.

In other words, just because we don’t think our idea is perfect, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something that might be very good. And very good is better than nothing.

So this article is the start of me writing in the hope that I can put together something good, even if it never reaches perfection. (I’m actually pretty sure it will never reach perfection).

Along the same theme, the writing may not be perfect either. I want to get better at knowing when to stop re-reading and just hit publish, freeing me up to move onto the next thing.

An import step in forming a habit is to tell other people about your plans. It has been shown that we are more likely to stick to promises that we make to other people than those we make only to ourselves. So, with that in mind, here are the things I plan to write about:

  1. Startups;
  2. Books I read;
  3. Pitching and presentation skills;
  4. Decision-making and behavioural economics;
  5. Politics*

So here we go… time to hit publish!

(If you are reading this I successfully navigated that final step.)

* Writing about politics is less likely, but if I do I must warn you: there is a risk it will be little more than complaints due to an unfortunate lack of good ideas on how to actually change anything.

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