Alexa, ask Meetup what’s happening today

We’re super excited to provide another way to find the Meetups that matter to you — ask Alexa. Really, just try it out. There’s no excuse to not be leveling up with more knowledge, reading the latest thriller with a book club, or navigating the rapids.

If you have an Alexa device, simply add the Meetup skill to your Alexa account, log in to Meetup, and ask Alexa what’s going on. It’s that easy.

The Alexa skill is delivered via our latest public API that’s purpose built for our rebrand and relaunch last year. It has better recommendations and a cleaner interface. We partnered with Witlingo, who used our API to deliver a product we are proud to call Meetup. As we add features to our Android and iOS apps in house, we add API endpoints that include more great ways to find more of what matters to you.

We can’t wait to hear what the future holds.

Have any suggestions for us about the skill? Visit our help center.