100 Million Users. 40 Billion Messages #MakeinIndia

Hike was born on Dec 12, 2012 with a small idea— to bring India online. We believed that through messaging we could bring India online, a market starved of the internet given the sheer constraints around low-end smartphones and data.

Today’s a special day. Times like these remind us of why we started this journey. I’m super excited to announce that as of last month (Dec’15) we crossed 100M users. We’ve managed to cross that number in just 3 years! We’re now connecting more than a 100 million Indians together, making us the biggest Indian app by far. Today, we are the only Indian company to have crossed such a milestone.

100M Users in just 3 years

We’ve added 10 million users a month for the last 3 months taking us to over 100 million from 70 million in Oct’15. We’re growing faster every single day. Our messaging volume has doubled to 40B messages per month and that too in just under 5 months. We’re proud to be amongst only a handful of companies globally operating at that scale in the messaging space, a company, a product built ground up in India #MakeinIndia.


In 2015 we spent most of out time to enable people to connect, share and do much more on Hike, in a simpler way in India. We brought some incredible ideas to the market to enrich communication including Sticker Suggestions, Hike Direct, Local Keyboards & Group Calls. Apart from messaging itself, users are doing much more on Hike like getting Cricket Scores, Coupons, Reading News in English & Hindi & Quotes.

Over the last year, Hike has truly emerged as a Platform, simplifying not only conversations but the way people interact with and consume services & content on mobile.

The Way Forward

This year, we’re going to double down on our Platform. That’s all I can say for now. More to follow very soon.

2016 here we come!