And we made Revenant Bear Bot for fun

Erik Kalviainen
Apr 7, 2016 · 2 min read
The era of man’s cosmic existence has begun?

It’s launch time in the land of bots: Kik launched their bot platform on Wednesday, and Facebook is all but guaranteed to announce their bot store next week at F8.

We’re excited to launch the Meya Bot Platform!

🚀 🤖 💬 🎉 💯 👊 🚀 🤖 💬 🎉 💯 👊 🚀 🤖 💬 🎉 💯 👊 🚀 🤖 💬 🎉 💯 👊 🚀 🤖

Anyone can sign up, build, deploy, test and use bots on messaging apps:

One bot can be added to all of these messaging apps.

In building and operating chat bots we’ve found that there are two distinct bot building modes that often compete with each other:

  1. Infrastructure mode: Framework, toolchain, testing and DevOps work
  2. Creative mode: UX, design, integration, logistics and detail work

Meya takes care of #1, so you can focus on #2. We’ve reduced the overhead of building a bot from days/weeks to minutes/hours. (Read this as a refresher for why bot building is hard)

We eat our own dog food. We’ve built and will continue to build bots, features, and primitives that will help serve as examples and plugins for our community of builders.

Say hello to The Revenant Bear.

Each bot gets it’s own bot profile and URL which makes it easy to share with your customers, users, friends, etc.

Notice that this bot is making use of all of our messaging app integrations. It also includes live chat integration (“Try me here”) so users can try the bot without any messaging app at all.

What’s nice is that you can build one single bot and have it used from any of these messaging apps without additional work. For v1 we’re supporting the usual suspects: Twitter, Kik, Slack, SMS and Telegram, but we’ll be quickly adding more integrations (ex. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, Amazon Echo, Skype, HipChat, etc.) soon.

A sneak peak inside the editing environment.

It’s still very early days in bot world, so we’ll be iterating quickly and learning from our community.

Let’s get started!

Making Meya

Thoughts from the team who makes an intelligent bot platform called Meya.

Erik Kalviainen

Written by

I make a bot building platform called Meya. Past: ProductWiki founder. Product @ Google. U of Waterloo Engineering.

Making Meya

Thoughts from the team who makes an intelligent bot platform called Meya.

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