No, I don’t want your fucking flowers. Just go away.

She didn’t go. “Don’t you want to buy some flowers? They are directly from Lunar-5, I’ve just got them on the latest shipment. I promise they weren’t even close to the cryo-tubes.”

No, please. Go away. I would hate to get mad at you. Just look at my face, I don’t want to get flowers from you. Oh great, the lift is not here. Another minute of silent awkwardness.

“Maybe for your girlfriend.” Look. At. My. Face! “I mean, you look handsome. You totally have to have a girlfriend!” No, please. Don’t make me think about her.

“Okay, sir. I see, that you are too proud to answer me. I get it, I’m just a fool, poor young girl. And you are… A businessman? Yeah, you have to be one. Let me give you a discount. Because… I like your eyes. They are beautiful.”

You little… You have no idea what these eyes have seen. It would make you go crazy in a second. All the suffering, all the pain I’ve seen. And you want me to sell me some fucking flowers? For my girlfriend? You don’t know anything about me!

The lift arrived silently and I’ve almost missed it. She didn’t give up, she followed me into the small cabin slipping between the doors that almost caught her small body.

“I can’t leave it alone. I see it in your eyes, you want to buy these flowers. Okay, I give you a special deal. Half the price. What do you think?”

I didn’t answer. I kept my promise.

“Aaaaaaand something special just for your eyes.” She took a small, yellow flower from her bag and put it in my breast pocket. “There you go. It’s perfect.”

My face went red, and I’ve almost roared at her. I grabbed her, pushed her against the wall and smashed my fist into the small display next to us.

She remained perfectly silent, but every bone in her body trembled under the pressure. I could see the fear on her face when she saw the blood flowing down on the display. I must have cut my hand at several places when breaking the glass.

“Listen…” Her hollow words almost lost between the noises coming from the huge ships flying close by. “You can have it all. Please… Don’t hurt me.”

If I could talk to you. If I could tell you how sorry I am. If I wasn’t muted by my wow; I would tell you everything. I would tell everything to you. Just because you were nice to me, unlike every person I’ve met in the last two years.

I stepped back, and grabbed a small bitcoin chip from my other pocket. The one next to the hidden pistol.

It has more money that you would make in a thousand years. Keep it, I won’t need it where I’m going.

I forced it in her hands, closing her fingers around it. Before I left the lift, I’ve pressed the button for the top floor, it’s not safe to go to the ground levels with that amount of money.

I hope you will do better with that money than I did. Ah yes, and sorry for the blood on your shirt. Buy something gorgeous.

Strangely enough that wasn’t the last time I had seen her that day.