3 Key Astrology Shifts of 2023

It’s time to move forward, after some difficult years.

Shannon Hugman
Making Sense of the Universe
7 min readJan 5, 2023


Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

Based on upcoming astrological transits, if 2023 aims to be one thing, it’s a change of pace. Humanity experienced game-changing, pivotal and messy shifts over the past decade. The need for change has made itself known. 2023 is the year to shift gears and move in a new direction, leaving behind the old for good. There are 3 significant shifts, astrologically speaking. Pluto changes signs for the first time since 2008. Saturn returns to Pisces after 28 years, and we’ve got a new batch of Eclipse symbolism to explore.

Astrology isn’t science; it’s an art form. It’s a tool to paint a picture, get creative, and imagine possibilities. We are not predicting the future here. Instead, since we are all made of stardust, maybe my artistic interpretation of the year ahead will hit a note within you. You may already feel a shift coming. If astrology can be used for one thing, it’s to validate what we already feel and know. In the spirit of remembering, we are the creators, and our actions can make a difference, regardless of planetary cycles. Let’s explore the year ahead.

The question becomes, what are you focusing on? Wherever we are looking is where we will go. The past 15 years have been about looking back, sometimes in horror, at the foundation of our world. We’ve been driven by rage, disgust, injustice and bravery to be able to acknowledge the reality of humanity. In 2023 the Universe encourages us to move toward solutions instead of fighting problems. Now is the time to move from inspiration, innovation and creativity. It’s time to make something new. The emotions that drive us are our source, and we can now experience solutions like never before.

The following exerts from my book Analogies, Energies and Celestial Bodies. It covers all 12 signs, 12 celestial bodies, eclipses, lunar phases retrogrades and all that fun stuff. The book’s goal is to give you the primary colors, so from there, you can mix, match, and merge to paint an artistic understanding of the stars. To understand transits, I encourage people to read the chapter for the given celestial body and then read the sign it is transiting. From there, you can get a feel for the themes. You can also do this same practice to interpret your natal planets…