A Letter to CrowdEmotion:

In this letter I have tried to sum up why I work for CrowdEmotion. I felt that it was important to put my thoughts down and keep them in mind during my everyday workflow. This is to make sure that my work with the company is guided by a greater reason than to just pay the bills.

So here goes…

Dear CrowdEmotion

Technology is a double edged sword. It gives humanity so much but in its current state it also has huge flaws. For a species who uses technology as its main form of evolution we run the risk of allowing these flaws to shape our society.

In a way we are natural creatures living un-naturally.

Technology has turned us all into egotists. We live in a personalised economy. Our content is on demand. Our hunger for consumption can be indulged at any time from any place. Today is all about me.

I feel this is wrong. We now live in a world of fragile egos where criticisms become personal attacks and strength, passion and loudness are more effective than truth.

CrowdEmotion is a way to see our technology, and ourselves, evolve in a good way without anybody left behind. It can see us through these trying times and help reconnect with each other. Technology has taken our human senses away. Its time to evolve technology, to get our senses back and make them more powerful.

CrowdEmotion is hope, its about caring and connecting with each other, It’s humanities next step.


Steve Mulvey

To ask about CrowdEmotion’s emotional analytics get in touch at info@crowdemotion.co.uk.

To unlock emotion recognition, interpretation and response visit our API Demo.

Or find out more at our site www.crowdemotion.co.uk.

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