When you are on the bleeding edge of innovation and industry, your team is the only stability you have. Everything else will break.

The Foundation of CrowdEmotion

My team continues to better me as a CEO whilst we build a foundation for CrowdEmotion. As a founder, your DNA is in every part of the company. So naturally, when something goes awry, you think you can solve it.

You can, but painfully and poorly.

The last two weeks have been crazy. My team hit some technical challenges with a supplier to our client causing delays. At the time, I thought it was a scoping issue, so jumped into the weeds. By jumping into the weeds of the problem, we were progressing, but painfully when it came to details. The real barrier was communications.

My team kindly and patiently guided me to re-establishing communications and now they are back on schedule.

Founder CEO Lesson: As soon as you have a team, don’t solve the problem. Solve the barrier to your team so they can solve the problem.

Today, we host Chinese and Korean New Year!


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