Last week we talked about people, this week is about artificial intelligence (AI) and digital media fields.

First up, a simple learner guide to AI:

Media ready for change

This article talks about the shift of traditional media budgets to customer experience. No more interruptive ads, but deep immersive content brought to you personally by brands, publishers, and other content creators.

We agree and emotions unlock personalisation for brands.

Media buying beware.


Some ideas for Computer Vision applications

With a start in facial coding (a computer vision based technology) at CrowdEmotion, we explore many fields. This article is a good collection of interesting ways where people are applying computer vision in different industries. Most could us an emotion layer.


Reinforcement learning

Libratus is blending AI methods to enable computers to teach themselves. Something we see certainly being applied in the emotion AI space to potentially enable a machine to completely learn and serve each human differently. A personalised algorithm.

This article discusses the implications within Poker

Poker AI:

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