Holo is Live!

By Andrew Tokeley

I’m excited to share that Holo is now available globally on iOS and Android. Holo is a mobile AR app that lets you add holograms of real people and animals into your real world and snap videos or photos to share with friends. It’s a lot of fun!

The inspiration for Holo came from a kitten.

Here’s a holo of Lola with me at this year’s Google I/O

Not any old kitten, but a computer generated one, that could be viewed through your phone’s camera, jumping across real furniture. It was 2016 and I was getting my first look at a new wave of AR enabled phones built on Google’s Tango technology. The kitten was cute, but the potential for this tech was even more inspiring when thinking about people… that is, real human content!

Fast track to today… with Holo you can not only add kittens, but also fully volumetric videos of real people! Actually, I tell a lie, there are no kittens in Holo (yet!) but we do have a beautiful tiger named Lola.

We’ve got some fun and entertaining Holo characters at launch — Spider-Man: Homecoming, Debby Ryan, Matt Steffanina, Fall Out Boy’s infamous llama, Magic Mike Live presented by Cosmopolitan, go90 stars, and a variety of eccentric, original characters. Imagine what you could create with this line up.

These next few days, you can find us at VidCon, the conference for those inspired to create innovative and engaging content online. Creators at VidCon will be some of the first to try Holo at the go90 Holo experience, created by RYOT and our awesome team at 8i. Hard to think of a better place to introduce our new app.

We hope you have fun creating with Holo — be sure to tag your best posts with #thisisholo so we can laugh along. And we’d also love to hear your feedback. DM us @thisisholo or drop us a line.

We can’t wait see what you come up with!