End of crowdfund…now what?

It’s been over a week since our crowdfund successfully ended & I must be Patrick Star because I now live under a rock.

The celebratory period was short lived as I quickly realised, 1277 pledgers later, that the next wave of my life was rapidly approaching. From afar, it looked like a small wave but now that it’s in front of me, it looks like a tsunami and I’m rowing in a little tin dinghy!

Before I can start working on the bus, fulfilling all the pledge rewards is my 100% priority. I’ve spent the last week sorting through & emailing each & every one of you. If you haven’t received an email from me yet, please check your junk email. If there’s nothing there, please email me a.s.a.p with your name & reward so I can sort it out for you (deanna@moustache.co.nz). My chimps & I are working around the clock to get rewards out as quickly as possible for you. But it will take a little while, especially since my chimps keep stopping to clang their cymbals (okay I’m kidding, I don’t condone animal slavery, the chimps are all in my head. Really, it’s just me in my track-pants behind the computer chugging coffee).


Please don’t be afraid to email me if I’ve just plain dropped the ball on something. I can fix it for you & am lucky to do so.

Lucky. Very Lucky. That you guys would even allow me to get to this point where I am fulfilling rewards.

And then what? Extreme Bus Makeover time! We have started planning every detail of the bus — including our launch in Auckland and our tour dates for our New Zealand tour. Our bus should be visiting over 30+ towns all over New Zealand!!!

Thank you Mo Fans for making the Milk & Cookie Bus happen.

And thank you Anchor Milk for making the New Zealand tour happen by hopping on board as our official tour sponsors. Just goes to show, no matter how big or small you are, we’re all Kiwis doing cool things.


When our milk spilt, instead of crying over it, you were there with a fresh bottle of milk.

When the cookie crumbled, you were udderly supportive.

When life was uncertain, you helped get our Milk & Cookie Bus MOOving.

The steaks have never been higher but you didn’t COWer away. Through this crowdfund you’ve been with us ’til the butter end!

Thank you Anchor for being my Dairy Godmother.

You guys are legen…..wait for it….DAIRY!!!

Okay sorry, I need to wean off these puns…I’ll stop milking it for all it’s worth. They really are offal.

HAHAHAHA I crack myself up but no. In all seriousness, Anchor have really supported Moustache like family which, not to sound sceptical, they really did surprise me. Of course on a nationwide scale, they’re constantly doing cool initiatives like ‘Milk for Schools’ where they give free milk to NZ primary school children, or their current initiative ‘Anchor Families’ which gives the community a chance to win a share of $200k which can also be donated to schools & charities. I knew they did that sort of awesome big scale stuff.

But for me, even on a small scale, from human to human, I’ve been blown away at their love & generosity. Even though compared to Anchor, I’m tiny. We’re a speck in the dust, but they still listen to me. They still support me. And it’s so incredibly humbling to see.

So thank you Anchor…for treating me like family.


And thank you Mo fans, for BEING our family.

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