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Stories about money, personal finance and the path to financial independence.
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Publishing Stories on all things related to money: Personal Finance, Economics and the Journey to Financial Independence.

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Ben Le Fort
Sharing money lessons I’ve learned on my journey from debt to Financial Independence.
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Tyse Fortley
Writing to scratch my creative itch! ❤TyseFortley@gmail.com
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Rachel Stewart
Tech consultant in Chicago with side work in web design and non-profit work. Author of www.filledefinance.com. Web Design available at ThornburyDesign.com.
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DeShena Woodard
My writing takes a storytelling approach into the mindset of personal finance. Helping people to overcome obstacles and earn more, save more, and stress less.
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Kate Campbell
Young Self-Directed Australian Working in the Financial Technology Industry, and Talking Money and Financial Education @HowToMoneyAUS
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Amy Esplin White
Personal finance, parenting & self-help! Blogger at www.dailysuccessfulliving.com and www.sogoeslife.com
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DJ Coleman
Full Stack Web Developer Student @ Lambda School and Co-Founder @ Entrylevel.io
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The Banking to Startup Diary
Have an interesting startup idea? Goto — https://pioneer.app/join/hechzein
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Caitlin Dragon 🐲
May my thoughts, challenge your thoughts.
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Keri Savoca
✨ serial questioner • technical writer/devops • editor of Coding in Simple English • editor of Diary of an SRE • thank you for connecting 👩🏻‍💻 kerisavoca.com
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Melissa Blevins
Personal Finance/Lifestyle Blogger at Perfection Hangover | perfectionhangover.com
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Marina G
Explaining blockchain and crypto to ‘normal people’ | Fintech Writer https://www.linkedin.com/in/mgeneralova/
Go to the profile of Alissa Orlando
Alissa Orlando
Gig economy operator (ex- Uber , Rocket Internet) turned advocate for better conditions. Jesuit values Georgetown, MBA Stanford GSB. Twitter: @AlissaOrlando
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Eric Cuka
MBA, Software Sales Executive, Personal Finance Coach, Stock Market Guru, “F.I.R.E.D. Up” Mastermind, World Traveler, Father, Husband, www.FiredUpWealth.com
Go to the profile of Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis
Writer, motivational blogger, self-development,deep thinker, storyteller
Go to the profile of Will — SimpleSuccessFI
Will — SimpleSuccessFI
A blog and YouTube channel dedicated to building a community on the path to Financial Independence.
Go to the profile of Becky Troup
Becky Troup
Writer, podcaster, programmer, improv-actor
Go to the profile of Jocelyn Soriano
Jocelyn Soriano
“Writing about God’s love, broken hearts, and healing.” (Mend My Broken Heart, In Your Hour of Grief, To Love an Invisible God) amazon.com/author/jocelynsoriano
Go to the profile of Saksham Kumar
Saksham Kumar
Freelance Web Designer, WordPress Expert, SEO and Marketer. Portfolio @ sakshamkumar.com
Go to the profile of Taylor Boucher
Taylor Boucher
Interested in starting a dialogue about personal finances and how best to educate ourselves to achieve financial independence
Go to the profile of The Traumatized Budget
The Traumatized Budget
I’m a 50-something bohemian with a mountain of debt and regrets. Can I dig out before it’s all over? I brake for poets.
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Dev Shah
Trying for sarcasm to not takeover while writing about tech, finance & life. Editor of Tenets @ https://medium.com/tenets.
Go to the profile of Jasmina Nevada
Jasmina Nevada
Self Published Author of The Mexican Dueña. Formerly film media/writer from Hollywood to Cannes. Habla español. Insights expressed here, maybe slight enigmas...
Go to the profile of Tom Bell
Tom Bell
Cyber Security Consultant at Roke, Researcher @UniofSouthampton. Local Councillor in #Southampton. Author of ‘Programming: A Primer’. https://www.tomjbell.co.uk
Go to the profile of Senior Finance Advisor
Senior Finance Advisor
Your retirement planning resource. We connect individuals, seniors, retirees and families to local investment and financial advisors. Call today: 800.307.3667
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Leo Kahng
D.C. Metro based tech industry professional, cycling enthusiast, skier, and hobbyist photographer
Go to the profile of Armchair Thinker
Armchair Thinker
A pseudo-expert brimming with unoriginal ideas. http://armchairthinker.com/newsletter/
Go to the profile of Sarah L. Bromley
Sarah L. Bromley
Writing about the questions I wish I had the answers to. www.sarahlbromley.com
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Cameron Thorne
Hyper Island Alumni. English copywriter living in Stockholm. Currently @Klarna. I like to write about personal finance and life in Sweden.
Go to the profile of Jovan Hernandez
Jovan Hernandez
Systems thinker, cloud engineer, active investor jovanshernandez.com
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Kovid Rathee
I write about Technology, Classical Music, Personal Development, Finance and the Workplace. Data Engineer on weekdays.
Go to the profile of Costas Andreou
Costas Andreou
A technologist with domain expertise in Investment Banking
Go to the profile of Adam Deane
Adam Deane
Senior Financial Planner | Expatriate Financial Planning | Pension Advice | Retirement Planning | adam.deane@aam-advisory.com
Go to the profile of Rohit Patil
Rohit Patil
Based in Pune, 25 years old, Designer and Blogger. Self-improvement, Lifehack, Technology Freak. @_rohit_patil026
Go to the profile of Luqman Abdi
Luqman Abdi
Msc Economic Psychology | part-time investor | lifelong learner and write about how psychology influences investing
Go to the profile of Rene’ Oliver
Rene’ Oliver
The bean counter’s wife At Last. Ass-kicking bonus mom. Instructional Design Rockstar Wannabe. Interactive Storyteller. Teacher of Teachers for Online Learning.
Go to the profile of Angela Martinez
Angela Martinez
Writing about fulfillment, money, discipline, education and motivation.
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John Cooper
Husband, Father and aspiring author. Join me in my quest to tell stories.
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Software engineer, game designer, freelancer, part time writer, dreamer.
Go to the profile of James Carter
James Carter
Technology Investing & High Growth Stocks
Go to the profile of Navneet Mishra
Navneet Mishra
I love to think and write on Tech and Money. https://beingkuber.com/ mybook.to/PasswordDesign
Go to the profile of Travis Bowen
Travis Bowen
Account Executive at Oracle. Bachelor in Finance. Master’s in International Business. University of Florida. Into Self-Help, Personal Finance, and Sports.
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Go to the profile of Robert Davis
Robert Davis
Journalist covering housing, police, and government.
Go to the profile of Renée Kapuku
Renée Kapuku
Straight-talking Londoner with a passion for personal growth. Entrepreneurship and self-education. Grow with me — www.reneekapuku.com
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Coding Whiz, Data Scientist,Science Storyteller. I love Writing About Perplexing Topics such as Philosophy && Math And Explaining it in humorous Beautiful Way.
Go to the profile of KanBan
Writer | Scientist | Creator | Dreamer
Go to the profile of Timothy Mugayi
Timothy Mugayi
Tech Evangelist, Instructor, Polyglot Developer with a passion for innovative technology, Father & Health Activist
Go to the profile of Precious Olawuyi
Precious Olawuyi
Content writer, designer and all-round digital media dude. Soon-to-be, Medium top writer.
Go to the profile of Matt Kilford
Matt Kilford
A Graduate of English Language and Literature, St Edmund Hall Oxford. You will find my writing here. I speak only for myself.
Go to the profile of Nifty Tie Guy
Nifty Tie Guy
I write about finance, self-improvement, and overcoming terrible odds. Former Army and Biz Owner. Currently Consulting. Forever a Poker Player. Student of FIRE
Go to the profile of Abubakar Mubarak
Abubakar Mubarak
I’m a enthusiastic tech writer, also a lead desiger and writer on mouthytech.com and plentytechs.com.
Go to the profile of Terence S
Go to the profile of Justin Zhuo Yan Hé
Justin Zhuo Yan Hé
Helping people achieve their dreams with articles on business, money, and self-improvement. https://www.youtube.com/c/justinzhuoyanhe
Go to the profile of Keith So
Keith So
A never-settled millennial that likes to write topics about career and personal finance for the like-minded. https://becomeabetterself.com/
Go to the profile of Vik Shukla
Vik Shukla
Financial wellness. Investor psychology. Market risks | Get new posts in your inbox: vikshukla.com/newsletter
Go to the profile of Sarah Evanijah
Sarah Evanijah
Accountant, Future CPA, Fitness Junkie, Food Lover, Passion for Personal Finance
Go to the profile of Spandrel
Just a biomimic with some ideas on the world.
Go to the profile of Mighty Knowledge
Mighty Knowledge
Writing about self improvement, philosophy, and wealth building. Subscribe for exclusive content mighty-knowledge.ck.page/ac5ba05d35
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Crystal Jackson
Former therapist. Author of the Heart of Madison series & My Words are Whiskey www.crystaljacksonwriter.com https://subscribe.to/crystaljackson
Go to the profile of Carter W.
Carter W.
I retired at 38, divorced at 41, and have been searching for self-fulfillment since. I have two incredible kids, a great running dog, and one awesome girlfriend
Go to the profile of James MacAdam
James MacAdam
A Civil Engineer by day who is passionate about others, sharing ideas, building relationships, and learning new things. Columbus, OH. macadamscripts.com
Go to the profile of Andy Lau, MBA
Andy Lau, MBA
Business, Marketing, & Productivity. Contact: andylau.biz@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Sikder Diamond
Sikder Diamond
Author, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker & Traveler.
Go to the profile of The Maclins
Go to the profile of Nathan Dean
Nathan Dean
How to build wealth using the stock market. Learn what they failed to teach you in school. Download our Free Blueprint at valueinvestoracademy.com
Go to the profile of Jimmy Joseph Tran
Jimmy Joseph Tran
Husband, father and friend. Passionate about personal finance, fatherhood, fitness, faith and friends. Real estate investor and contrarian thinker.
Go to the profile of Dorothy Pang
Dorothy Pang
Mortgage expert (NMLS 1191301, CalDRE 01488417) and part-time explorer. About me: https://linktr.ee/dorothypang
Go to the profile of Pt.
I write.
Go to the profile of Caleb McCary
Caleb McCary
Experienced Chaplain. Photography Enthusiast. Lover of learning. Reader of books. Sci-Fi fan.
Go to the profile of taylor franklin
taylor franklin
aspiring entrepreneur, world traveler, oh & i’m vegan…here’s my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxz5RRPEBWlZslW-9ASi5Pw?view_as=subscriber
Go to the profile of MK Andersen
MK Andersen
Small business owner just trying to figure out personal finance.
Go to the profile of Jouz Sang
Jouz Sang
Industrial Engineer and MBA. Martial arts enthusiast. Finance, psychology, and self improvement reader. Always curious to learn and analyze the world around me.
Go to the profile of Rose Goldberg
Rose Goldberg
Psychology student and visionary
Go to the profile of Hannah Rose Ostrem
Hannah Rose Ostrem
Trying to balance my desire to live a healthy lifestyle with my ability to crush an entire bag of tortilla chips and salsa in one sitting.
Go to the profile of Edward Tarts
Edward Tarts
Management Consultant. Professional eater.
Go to the profile of Dr Anna Barchetti Durisch
Dr Anna Barchetti Durisch
Mentor, Advisor, Educationist. Executive Life Coach. Jivanmukta. More: www.annaforlife.com
Go to the profile of Thomas Zoeschg
Thomas Zoeschg
Constructed in Italy. Transplanted to LA. Interested in everything Investing, Stock Market, Day Trading, and Financial Independence. Thanks for stopping by!
Go to the profile of Jack Codini
Jack Codini
Personal finance and history — I write about both, as this is what interests me.
Go to the profile of yasi
🎧 Host of Fast Track Podcast |Career|Money|Entrepreneurship https://www.fasttrack.life/
Go to the profile of J. D Castillo Garcia
J. D Castillo Garcia
Future millionaire. Interested in finance, money, investments, and financial education. Actively pursuing financial freedom. Jorgedcastillogarcia@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Jarrod Barr
Jarrod Barr
Welcome to my profile, I am a beginner writer however I love finance, technology, sports and history. Recently married to my beautiful wife.
Go to the profile of Baraa Ghandour
Baraa Ghandour
Engineer l Finance Enthusiast l Fitness Enthusiast
Go to the profile of Zac Hartley
Go to the profile of Megan R. Clark
Megan R. Clark
I’m not confused, I’m just not paying attention.
Go to the profile of Andrew Yi
Andrew Yi
Tech & entertainment strategist & investor | Former banker | Persistent passion for learning, tinkering and dabbling in all kinds of pursuits.
Go to the profile of T Blunt
Go to the profile of Kunal Walia
Kunal Walia
27. Finance nerd by day. Writer by night. Dreamer at all times. Finding new ways to learn. Sharing more ways to grow.
Go to the profile of William T
William T
Passion for writing personal finance, time management, and mental and physical health that will enrich the standard of living.
Go to the profile of Rachel Arandilla
Rachel Arandilla
Island girl, concrete jungle. Poet and quant. Coincidentally a Gemini. I lurk in Quora and Medium, trying to fulfill my dreams to be a full-time writer.
Go to the profile of Natalie Carroll
Natalie Carroll
Writing makes me happy!
Go to the profile of Abbas Naqvi
Abbas Naqvi
Borderline Smart.
Go to the profile of Hamza Ouadid
Hamza Ouadid
I’m an 18 year trying to figure out life who happened to have a passion for writing so I’ll be sharing some of the lessons that I learn as I grow as a person
Go to the profile of Adan Kovinich
Adan Kovinich
I am an anxious 20-something-year old writing about all things sales, finance, love, sex, and mental illness. www.morementalhealthdays.com
Go to the profile of Tom Ford
Tom Ford
Finance, Tech and Productivity. Studying Economics & Management at Oxford University.
Go to the profile of Chester Leung
Go to the profile of Harsh Sohi
Harsh Sohi
A Personal Experience Writer on Finance and Self-Development. Learn Something New with Me and Make your Life Interesting!
Go to the profile of Walid AO
Walid AO
Engineer, writer, wild thinker, and life-loving. I write about finance, culture, gaming, the Middle East, and self-improvement.
Go to the profile of Ken Green
Ken Green
Ken is a Chartered Professional Accountant practicing in Canada. He provides tax, personal, and business financial services. https://linktr.ee/KenGreenca
Go to the profile of Vincent Tran
Vincent Tran
Young Professional | Personal Finance Enthusiast | Fitness Lover (Or Tries To Be)
Go to the profile of Contrarian Living
Contrarian Living
The society is teaching us the wrong things about health, wealth and wisdom. I am on a pursuit to change the way we thing about money. www.contrarianliving.blog
Go to the profile of Wenwei Xu
Wenwei Xu
大道至简 Data Scientist in Seattle WA. Enjoy explaining complex concepts in simple language. Try to live an authentic & interesting life.
Go to the profile of Madiha Thaver
Go to the profile of The Kristen David
The Kristen David
Mentor, Guru, Ass-Kicker, International Speaker, Writer, Marketing & Management Advisor for Business Owners.
Go to the profile of Steven Finkelstein
Steven Finkelstein
Data analytics professional @PepsiCo | “The Data Generalist”| Stats, ML/AI, Data, Investing, Finance | Twitter @datageneralist | https://thedatageneralist.com/
Go to the profile of Jonas Sidlauskas
Jonas Sidlauskas
I love that cardboard pizza, yes, even after living in Italy.
Go to the profile of Jon Torrey
Jon Torrey
I am a Senior Product Manager at a tech company. I host two podcasts and invest in sports cards. For more info — https://medium.com/@jonathan-torrey
Go to the profile of Human Improved
Human Improved
Writing about finances, self-improvement and life tricks.
Go to the profile of Mannasource
Just a guy who enjoys friends, God, good coffee or beer and who likes to talk about pretty much anything
Go to the profile of Nchewi Edu
Go to the profile of Aris Pattakos
Aris Pattakos
Startup Founder & Technologist. Follow my newsletter for Medium, Writing & Technology tips: https://bit.ly/3mP8zNM
Go to the profile of Joe Honest
Joe Honest
An eclectic mix of thoughts, ideas, and personal experiences.
Go to the profile of Oscar Armas Luy
Oscar Armas Luy
Oscar is an entrepreneur and hobbyist with interests in personal finance, data science, and cybersecurity.
Go to the profile of Jon Middaugh
Jon Middaugh
I have been: individual contributor | tech lead | manager | JS boot camp teacher | community college instructor. I know what sets new devs up for success.
Go to the profile of Courtney Charles
Courtney Charles
Trader | Investor | Mentor ~ I took the red pill & I’m not waking up 💊
Go to the profile of Jake O'Brien
Jake O'Brien
I love a good side hustle. I’m here to share my stories and the lessons I’ve learnt making money from my laptop
Go to the profile of Ehsan Nazim
Ehsan Nazim
Helping you do more and be more with one article at a time.
Go to the profile of Sennett Khong
Sennett Khong
Striving for Financial Freedom. Enthusiastic about providing his readers information about Personal Finance, Asset Allocation, Investing and Data Science!
Go to the profile of Jean Shortall-Roznik
Jean Shortall-Roznik
Tri-citizen: Ireland, Canada, US. Mother, physical therapist, environmentalist, contrarian. Washington Post, Globe and Mail, Charlotte Observer, NPR.
Go to the profile of Desiree Peralta
Desiree Peralta
Turning ideas into reality. I love to help others to improve their productivity, creativity, and writing. | Weekly writing advice: https://bit.ly/3lJ5YEK
Go to the profile of Michelle Loucadoux, MBA
Michelle Loucadoux, MBA
Published author and former Broadway performer with an MBA and an obsession with self improvement. Top writer-productivity and writing www.michelleloucadoux.com
Go to the profile of Joe
British Author | Blogging: Writing, Publishing, and Marketing | 10+ Years Experience
Go to the profile of Maria Rose
Maria Rose
Maria Rose is a designer, author, audio narrator. mariarosedoeseverything.com
Go to the profile of Maja Ferina Shapteva
Maja Ferina Shapteva
Web Developer/Designer
Go to the profile of Evince Uhurebor
Evince Uhurebor
A prolific writer, poet and programmer all in one personality. Email: evinsian14@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor
Teacher • Writer • Actor
Go to the profile of Anshul Gupta
Anshul Gupta
A freelance writer, I have been a finance enthusiast from my childhood and am really intrigued by investing, stock markets and personal finance.
Go to the profile of Nathan Ojaokomo
Nathan Ojaokomo
I write sales and marketing content for SaaS brands & small businesses.
Go to the profile of Christian Soschner
Christian Soschner
Life Science executive — writing about my 4 favorite areas: Business, Health, Wealth and Workout http://Linktr.ee/soschner
Go to the profile of Nikos Vitorakis
Nikos Vitorakis
Out-of-the-box thinker.
Go to the profile of Donald Lee
Donald Lee
Sign up for his newsletter and read more about philosophy, personal development, finance, and marketing at his blog www.coursehack.club
Go to the profile of Lins Huang
Lins Huang
I write about how I became an unintentional millionaire in my 30s, and my personal journey towards financial freedom and overall well-being.
Go to the profile of Shruti 🦋
Shruti 🦋
An unshakable optimist with an undying passion for writing.
Go to the profile of Nish Arora
Nish Arora
USC 17 Business Graduate 👨‍🎓 Social Media Growth Expert 📱 Taking Steps to Financial Independence
Go to the profile of Mark Sarmenta, CFA
Mark Sarmenta, CFA
Seasoned wealth specialist and avid tech enthusiast based in Hong Kong | msarmenta11@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Lindsay McGrail
Lindsay McGrail
Award-Winning freelance writer and story-consultant for indie film projects, True-Self Guru, Philanthropist and Self-Proclaimed Multi-Millionaire.
Go to the profile of Aldric Chen
Aldric Chen
I am a Consultant by training and I believe in Simplicity because Simplicity brings Value.
Go to the profile of Ahmed Hashesh
Ahmed Hashesh
A learner, Embedded SW Engineer, Machine learning and Autonomous Vehicles Enthusiast. Follow https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahmed-hashesh-01583784/
Go to the profile of Cody Keene
Cody Keene
Writing about my financial journey and personal growth.
Go to the profile of Eve Arnold
Eve Arnold
26 years old, exploring the intersection of where science meets business, studying MSc in Behavioural Science. My website: www.millennialcareerhealth.com
Go to the profile of David Tam
David Tam
Full Time Accountant l Aspiring Writer ~Sharing my ideas and experiences~
Go to the profile of Thakur Rahul Singh
Thakur Rahul Singh
Digital Marketer with a pinch of taste in Writing
Go to the profile of Balaji Thotadri
Balaji Thotadri
Chief Financial Officer @ Leading Edtech Company. Passionate about Personal Finance. #personalfinance #Investing
Go to the profile of KARAN
ANY questions regarding Trading ( stocks, cryptocurrency, Forex)? feel free to Reach me at- stockmarketwithme@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Rian Dolphin
Rian Dolphin
PhD Candidate - Machine Learning in Finance
Go to the profile of Shivani A Hemnani
Shivani A Hemnani
Sustainable Investing enthusiast thanks to previous experiences in Wealth Management and Investment Research. Writing to drive “woke” investment practices.
Go to the profile of Katie Miro
Katie Miro
Entrepreneur, Mother of two boys, C-level business executive. Taking my first tentative steps in the world of blogging on Medium. Keen to learn!
Go to the profile of Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen
Swiss law & econ major
Go to the profile of Maimunah Khan
Maimunah Khan
Author|Content Writer|Fashion Blogger|Money strategist|SEO's BEST FRIEND|Open to work
Go to the profile of Alisdair Horgen
Alisdair Horgen
Writer. Musician. Husband. Dad. I write about parenting, personal finance, fitness, health, relationships, everything. I’m at https://alisdairhorgen.carrd.co/
Go to the profile of cj lone
cj lone
1st gen Latina. Lover of life, lists, and my kids. Counting & saving money is my job. Creating & manifesting wealth is my jam. Connect on IG @ itscjlone.
Go to the profile of Matthew Ziegler
Matthew Ziegler
Chicagoan with varied interests including finance, art,real estate, gadgets and good humor. I’ve earned an MBA, 10 yrs in banking and 20 yrs business management
Go to the profile of Gill Altuna
Gill Altuna
holistic living | minimalism | business
Go to the profile of Rachna Sekhrajka
Rachna Sekhrajka
WHU (Germany) & Vanderbilt (US) Alumni| Science & Business writer | Website: sekhrajkar.com
Go to the profile of Guillaume Rostaing
Guillaume Rostaing
European in the US. Scientist and writer. I write about finance, personal development, technology and fantasy.
Go to the profile of Parag Mathur
Parag Mathur
Writing on diverse topics | Human Rights Activist | Public Speaker | Connect with me on: https://bit.ly/3icU43Y
Go to the profile of Shelby Duncan
Shelby Duncan
Learning to use life’s unsexy toolkit.
Go to the profile of Abena D
Abena D
Creative Entrepreneur Digital Investor + Vegan Founder @Pink_intrigue Author of Delve: My Heartfelt Notes on Delving Deep and Climbing High - Curated #parenting
Go to the profile of A.M. Cal
A.M. Cal
Award winning producer. Master of Arts in film. Relentless poet, always in motion. Helping writers write. ashcallahan.com
Go to the profile of Dee Drury
Dee Drury
Mental Health Advocate | Passionate about Mental Health & Wellbeing | Completed a Bachelor of Criminology & Psychology in 2020 | (she/her)
Go to the profile of Jay Davidson
Jay Davidson
Retired teacher (San Francisco, 1969–2003); Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Mauritania, 2003–2005); public speaker, artist, writer, world citizen & traveler
Go to the profile of Brianna Zanoni
Go to the profile of Becky W.
Becky W.
For informational purposes only. NOT investment advice.
Go to the profile of Ankit Das
Ankit Das
An engineer, a consistent learner, and full of enthusiasm. Pursuing B.Tech from IIITA. Connect on LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/ankit-das-356a16172?lipi=
Go to the profile of Jimmy G.
Jimmy G.
Jimmy is curious and unapologetically opinionated. He’s a management consultant, trying not to let his busy schedule get in the way of his many passions in life
Go to the profile of Abby Meil
Abby Meil
A young techie gal just trying to figure it all out
Go to the profile of Kamal Kumar Malukani, PhD
Kamal Kumar Malukani, PhD
Avid reader, Science communicator, Corona warrior, Dedicated to simply spreading scientific awareness about COVID
Go to the profile of Carl Nixon
Carl Nixon
Carl Nixon is the oldest computer geek in town! Big gamer and freelance Excel VBA / Python Programmer. See carlnixon.com for more details
Go to the profile of Elke Rubach
Go to the profile of Ana Ryan
Ana Ryan
Yin & Yang | Happy. Positive. Half Graphics Enthusiast, Half Tech Savvy. Copy Writer. Leader. Magnetic Person. Living Human Being. Dreamer. Crazy 100%.
Go to the profile of Victor Lei
Victor Lei
Helping The Average Joe become a better and informed investor
Go to the profile of Kirsten Diamond
Kirsten Diamond
Hi, I’m Kirsten. I’m a Business + Economics student sharing my insights regarding business, success, productivity and so forth ❤ Welcome…
Go to the profile of Anthony Carlton
Anthony Carlton
CFP, Writer, Fintech Consultant — Exploring stuff modern investors should know at MoneyiQ.blog
Go to the profile of Anass Haijeb
Anass Haijeb
Direct To the Point Stories: Startup, Innovation, and Career Dev. Our time is more precious than anything else, so stories are kept short. IT-ENG - @ahaijeb
Go to the profile of Haucem Sadki
Haucem Sadki
A Passionate Writer/Hydrographic and Cartographic Engineer and Researcher with the Navy, Student of life, https://www.linkedin.com/in/houssem-sadki-3375a493/
Go to the profile of Azra Valani
Azra Valani
I write about my ex boyfriends. I bet they hate me for it.
Go to the profile of Nishi
Student. Writer. Reader. Dreamer & Achiever
Go to the profile of Delwar Hossen Dihan
Delwar Hossen Dihan
Expert in Money. Mind coach by passion. Grown up in South Asia.
Go to the profile of Anton Lex
Anton Lex
Self-Improvement. Entrepreneurship. Business.
Go to the profile of Sharon Kim
Sharon Kim
A young adult trying to survive life while sharing the knowledge (don’t know if it’s any good) I’ve gained along the way.
Go to the profile of Winifred J. Akpobi
Winifred J. Akpobi
A medical student with a healthy mind writing about all that matters. Motto: creativity yields success. 💌 Email: winifredakpobi@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Andy McWain
Andy McWain
Writing, composing music, ecommerce. Teaches higher ed music & music business. Stories in The Innovation, An Idea, Be Unique, and This is GOGPOW.
Go to the profile of Kristi Jacobsen
Kristi Jacobsen
Solopreneur | Writer | I write about entrepreneurship, digital nomad life, books, and more | Get on the list: http://bit.ly/kristijacobsennewsletter
Go to the profile of Ashish Nair
Ashish Nair
Developer for Python & Android.
Go to the profile of Noah Stenberg
Go to the profile of Haley C. Cason
Haley C. Cason
I am a creative being with multiple ways of expressing my thoughts. Challenging Myself every day.
Go to the profile of Largely Restless
Go to the profile of Amit Chauhan
Amit Chauhan
Data Science Enthusiastic | Data Visualization | BI | NLP |