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Making of a Millionaire
Stories about money, personal finance and the path to financial indepndence.
Note from the editor

Publishing Stories on all things related to money: Personal Finance, Economics and the Journey to Financial Independence.

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Ben Le Fort
Sharing my journey to financial independence. For freelance inquiries reach me at benlefort1988@gmail.com
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Tyse Fortley
Writing to scratch my creative itch! ❤TyseFortley@gmail.com
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Rachel Stewart
20-something tech consultant in Chicago with side passions in personal finance and non-profit work. Author of www.filledefinance.com
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Engineer∧Teacher ∪ (Coffee | Shiraz || Physics | Crypto{graphy|currency} || Reading | Lifting )
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DeShena Woodard
My writing takes a storytelling approach into the mindset of personal finance. Helping people to overcome obstacles and earn more, save more, and stress less.
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Joyce Chou
Freelance writer and editor | www.financialimpulse.com
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Derek Condon
Create. Educate. Explore. Winnipeg based Financial Advisor, trying to help people make the most of their financial future.
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Sinem Günel
Vienna , 21 years, digital entrepreneur, education and personal development enthusiast, Grab free Productivity Ebook: http://bit.ly/ebook181210
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Sunday Brunch Cafe
Passionate Personal Finance Coach | Professional Portfolio Manager | www.sundaybrunchcafe.com
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Kate Campbell
Young Self-Directed Australian Working in the Financial Technology Industry, and Talking Money and Financial Education @HowToMoneyAUS
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Young and the Invested
My writing is dedicated toward achieving financial independence. To read more, visit: https://youngandtheinvested.com/
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Tyse Fortley
Writing to scratch my creative itch! ❤TyseFortley@gmail.com
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Hey, Abderrahim is the founder of incomeinday.com where he teaches people how to grow a blog. He is an Englishman at heart but lives in Morocco.
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Amy Esplin White
Personal finance, parenting & self-help! Blogger at www.dailysuccessfulliving.com and www.sogoeslife.com
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Parker Hjelmberg
Interested in books, culture, sports, and good sentences. Twitter @parkerhjelmberg.
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Sharon Singh Sidhu
I’m a working, doting mom obsessed about the power of our mind, resilience, personal growth, entrepreneurship & the emotions behind money. www.hermoneymind.com
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Abe Novy
Just another human trying to change the game. Sales Director at a Nissan Global Award Winning Dealer, Team Leader, Husband, Animal Daddy, Retired Event Promoter
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DJ Coleman
Full Stack Web Developer Student @ Lambda School
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yellow plaid sneakers. spending less, living more. frugalkite.com Contact me at frugalkite@gmail.com
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Jacqueline Abela
Digital Fundraiser. Storyteller. Reader.
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Karen Banes
Freelance writer & indie author sharing thoughts on creativity, productivity and success. https://karenbanes.com
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Eunice Chan
I help women move from a place of scarcity mindset to a place full of opportunities, fulfilment, and abundance. Money Mindset Coach at www.chaneunice.com
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Thomas Vato
Inconsistent, therefore disruptive. Sharing ideas which are random yet interesting.
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The Banking to Startup Diary
Cofounder — thinkanalyst.com look to help individuals fulfil their potential in careers and life through sharing my stories in investment banking.
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Dipanshu Rawal
I Read Daily. I Write Daily. I remind you to Smile Daily. More on- DipanshuRawal.Com
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Caitlin Dragon 🐲
Wordy, nerdy researching writer with a marketing obsession. Resident cheerleader of Medium. Currently haunting rural Idaho. I love cooking & writing about food.
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Keri Savoca
✨ serial questioner • technical writer • I write about everything but my voice never changes • thank you for connecting 👩🏻‍💻 [savoca.io]
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Bilal Asad
Bilal is a graduate of the College of William and Mary, currently working as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Washington D.C.
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Jody Strait
Writer in a Crazy World | UC Berkeley Alum | Environmental Science | Journalism | Public Policy | Philosophy | Work with me: straitwriting.com
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AJ Borowsky
Financial Life Coach | http://bit.ly/2lqZA7m | Author: What Next A Proactive Approach to Success. http://amzn.to/2x1FEvC #Curious, #adventurous
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Nicole Jessica
Astrology Nut, Hippy at Heart, Mother and Game of Thrones Addict. Passionate about equal parenting rights for men and obsessed with books written by Tim Ferris.
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Melissa Blevins
Personal Finance/Lifestyle Blogger at Perfection Hangover | melissablevins.com
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J. Frank Sigerson
Finance journalist and bowtie collector. Writes about investing and stocks. A nerd for crypto, crowdfunding, and cannabis. Whiskey enthusiast. Podcast addict.
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Marina Generalova
Explaining blockchain and crypto to ‘normal people’ | Fintech Writer https://www.linkedin.com/in/mgeneralova/
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Ivann Fok
Helping investors make data driven decisions (https://pyinvesting.com)
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William Chamberlain
Economics and Politics student at Lancaster University
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Alissa Orlando
This blog is about the future of work. How will jobs change with the rise of AI? How do people become their own bosses? Stanford MBA, independent contractor.
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James Garside
NCTJ-qualified journalist (The Argus, Esquire, Big Issue), writer (The Ascent, Hacker Noon, Writing Cooperative, 100+ more) and world traveler. jamesgarside.net
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Fernando Lopes
Follow my financial freedom journey. I write about saving, investing, trading and perhaps some other random topics.
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Liz Baker
Scientist nerd, and champion of medicine, personal finance, and innovation. Using knowledge to empower others to succeed in life. Or simply enjoy kittens.
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Dan — Early 20’s Money
Twenty-something Canadian, personal finance geek, freelance writer. Trying to spread financial literacy with young adults everywhere! early20smoney.com
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Greg Mendrzycki
Lifelong Learner-Finance, Literature, & Sports Writer •Follow the “Top Writer Interview Series” Right Here!!•
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Eric Cuka
MBA, Software Sales Executive, Personal Finance Coach, Stock Market Guru, “F.I.R.E.D. Up” Mastermind, World Traveler, Father, Husband, www.FiredUpWealth.com
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Alexandra Davis
A doctoral student in Clinical Psychology. I write about everything related to psychology.
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Kyle Yau
Training to be an orthoptist @ Sheffield, UK. Here to write about personal finance, my faith and my life :)
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Go to the profile of Opher Ganel
Opher Ganel
Consultant | physicist | systems engineer | writer | small-business coach for solo professionals (opherganel.com) | avid reader | amateur photographer & artist
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Jessica Saini
Wishful Witty Writer | Classic Coder | Rapacious Reader | Finance Enthusiast |
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Elizabeth Blessing
Financial copywriter. Producer of “Affordable Housing Tips” talk show on radio station KZZH, 96.7 FM, Humboldt CA. Co-founder of affordablehousingtips.com.
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P. Venkat Raman
Freelance Copywriter; Toastmaster; Swing Trading enthusiast; writer with affinity to human interest stories, travel, technology, and personal finance.
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Padmaja Choudhury
Nothing brings me more happiness than writing.
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Bill Myers
William “Bill” Myers-Analyzes everything, true stories, any topic, unusual connections, useful content. Tech, romantic view. Developer, retired. Hero:Bugs Bunny
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Cynthia Fussell O'Donnell
Consumer Debt Attorney, Navy veteran
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Jay Rigler
Financial Literacy Advocate, economist, entrepreneur, author. Blogger at practicallyindependent.com
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Michael Hernandez
Sharing knowledge through words. Business Professional living in Orlando; Writer; Traveler and Tech Guru. Visit me at http://somethingaboutnothing.org
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Samita Mistry 🇨🇦😊
❤️ Jesus. Speak, breathe and ❤️ personal development and self improvement, Financial Literacy Campaigner
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Sharon @A Quiet Confusion
Making sense of a confusing world. Asks too many questions. No patience with bigotry or BS.
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Kissanna Sinclair
Transforming random ramblings from my journal into meaningful content — sharing some with you| Art. Self-Improvement. Productivity. Mental Health. Inspiration.
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Tony Yiu
Data Scientist, Quantitative Researcher, Doing my Best to Explain Data Science and Finance in Plain English.
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Rational Hustle
This blog is about personal finance, side hustles, investing and the daily struggles that we all face to keep our business going www.rationalhustle.com
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Thomas Davis
Writer, motivational blogger, self-development,deep thinker, storyteller
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Casey Botticello
Entrepreneur | Top Medium Writer | Partner at Black Edge Consulting—DC Strategic Communications Firm Specializing in ORM, Digital Marketing & Crisis Management.
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Leah Diprose
Sydney-based part-time writer, and photographer, sharing stories about life, adventure, and much more.
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Will — SimpleSuccessFI
A blog and YouTube channel dedicated to building a community on the path to Financial Independence.
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The Becks
Read more at beckytroup.com. “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”
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Steven Jones
“Things I didn’t know at first, I learnt by doing twice” — Billy Joel, ‘The Entertainer’
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Hurriya Burney
Sales leader, writer, and lifelong learner. I write about Motivation, Achieving Goals, & Leadership. Thrive Global contributor.
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Jocelyn Soriano
Self-Help Author, Poet & Inspirer! Lives in two worlds,loves with one heart. amazon.com/author/jocelynsoriano
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Sarah Saccomanno
Bachelor of Design Student, Millennial, Freelance Designer, Musician, Lifelong Creative Person. Twitter: @sarahsaccomanno
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Ashar Jamil
Top gun digital marketer at https://digitallyup.com.au
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Wilfried Lehmkuhler
Founder of Financial Freedom A Life You Love. Blogger, Freelance Writer, Public Speaker…Helping people to create and live a better life.
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Saksham Kumar
Freelance Web Designer, WordPress Expert, SEO and Marketer. Portfolio @ sakshamkumar.com
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Gene Grindle
Engineer. Dad. Nerd. Interested Economics, Politics, Technology, Poetry, Culinary, Writing, Gardening, Leisure, & Homesteading (at least the idea of it).
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Bride In Reverse
Creating relevant conversations about becoming someone new after divorce. Posts by Becca Bycott. Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/BrideinReverseFacebookGroup
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Andreas Chuck
A man and a boyfriend who loves to write and share.
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Salathia Richburg
I write about life lessons, self-love and mental health. I write poems, articles, and short stories.
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Jacob McCoy
Just trying to figure out this thing called Medium (you can laugh at that). I find myself interested in financial strategies that help people save money.
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10 Year Target
Investor in my early 30’s determined to generate enough assets in the next 10 years so my return-on-investments matches my expenses. https://10YearTarget.com
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Taylor Boucher
Interested in starting a dialogue about personal finances and how best to educate ourselves to achieve financial independence
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Adam Link
CISSP, CEH, CHFI. Passionate about cyber security and cloud infrastructure. Avid fisherman and forager of Alaska's wilderness.
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K M Brown
Just a person who likes to think about things.