Here’s how much Fortnite & Twitch sensation Ninja made in a single month in 2018

Hayden Barnes
Mar 25 · 4 min read

Let me tell you about the Twitch Streamer of all Twitch Streamers, Ninja:

“Ninja”, aka Tyler Blevins, now a highly acclaimed video game player who sustains millions of views on his content every month, made more money in 2018 than most would believe.

So how does a 28-year old make millions playing video games?

He plays the game Fortnite while millions of people pay to watch him stealthily sniff out and eliminate the enemy players. Ninja sees thousands in daily visitors and dollars donated to him every time he puts on a headband and streams. (Blue headband, to make him look like…well, you get it.)

The millionaire saw a huge rise in popularity in 2018 with millions of followers on many social media platforms and has played Fortnite with the likes of Drake, Lil Yatchy, and Marshmello. And, not only has this made him a very young millionaire but a philanthropist as he holds charity streams and tournaments where the winnings are donated to the streamer’s favorite causes.

Below I will break down an estimated view of how much Ninja made in just a single month in 2018. (All revenue streams)

Since we are breaking down the numbers for a month we first have to look at his Twitch subscribers. (Twitch subscribers are the number of people paying to watch his daily stream with emoticons and fewer ads.)

To tally Ninja’s wages, TwitchStats, — Comprehensive Twitch Analytics & Statistics & Graphs, provided the information that Ninja held an estimated 95,835 subscribers each paying him $3.50 a month in October 2018. That’s $335,422.50 a month from Twitch subscribers paying the minimum amount to watch Ninja game.

According to the Youtuber, Tanner J. Fox, who broke down how much Ninja was making a year in a video from 2018, the average amount of regular donations (not sponsorships, people just giving him money to play video games) Ninja receives in a month is actually about an extra $75,000. Fox also goes on to explain that Blevins makes around $35,000 from Budlight, Luminosity Gaming, and Red Bull sponsorships.

After this almost half a million dollars we look at Ninja’s YouTube views per month. YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, & Instagram Statistics stats show that Ninja’s video content had received 170,898,000 views in September 2018. And, at a low rate model for YouTube, if we go by the $3,000 per 1,000,000 views, Ninja pulled in a whopping $513,000 over one month.

At $958,422.50 a month, this amount of money from playing video games seems like a dream. But wait, there’s more. From tournaments alone, Ninja is estimated at making anywhere from $3,500–10,000 a month. After this, there is Ninja merch, everyone buying Ninja’s swag which brings in an average $250,000 a month. Based upon a 5,000,000 follower base which has grown higher than when the numbers were calculated. (Current amount of followers: 17,000,000+) But, at a 0.5% buy rate which would be about 25,000 buyers with an average price of merch costing the buyer $25, Ninja makes a $10 profit off of every sale.

Then, you may ask where does that leave us. Surely that is all he makes per month. But it’s not. The streamer still includes affiliate links in every video which average him about $3 a click. Assuming that the average monthly sales from that are 0.1% his followers that adds up to 5,000 sales or $15,000 altogether.

Adding it all together can be complicated because the young gaming entrepreneur has very many different revenue streams. But after doing the math, it is clearly seen that Mr. Blivens was making MORE than $1,223,422.50 a month in 2018. (Plus, he had just started an entire brand under the name Ninja, where he will also be making hundreds of thousands of dollars for years to come. )

(10,000+250,000+15,000+958,422.50 = $1,223,422.50 a month. )

Impressive as that number above is you too could be making millions playing video games. Twitch and YouTube are both free to stream to. All you have to do is plug yourself in and work your way to the top.

Sources: CNBC, Tanner J. Fox, and YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, & Instagram Statistics

This article is for informational purposes only not all information will be accurate. This should not be considered Financial or Legal Advice. Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

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Stories about money, personal finance and the path to financial independence.

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