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Letter sent on Nov 29

Introducing Personal Finance Vlogs

Photo by Alexander Wang on Unsplash

I am excited to let you all know that we are going to be launching Personal finance Vlogs. We are beginning by expanding and diving deeper into some of the blog topics discussed on Making of a Millionaire. You can subscribe to the brand new YouTube Channel here.

Here are a couple of the Blogs that we have already embedded our vlog’s directly into.

How I Negotiated my Bank Fees Down to Zero Dollars

  • Bank fees have been increasing significantly year over year
  • They aren’t making or breaking your budget, but bank fees are an annoying leak in your money bucket
  • Don’t forget that bankers are people too
  • Figure out what leverage you have and negotiate with your banker.

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Your Pumpkin Spice Lattes are costing you $250,000 and Pushing your Retirement Back Years

  • The very first article published on Making of a Millionaire
  • Helps you consider the true cost of your everyday purchases
  • Consider the opportunity cost of your daily coffee run when translated into lifetime wealth and additional years you’ll need to work.

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More Vlogs coming soon!