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How to use money to live your best life.

Personal Growth

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I doubled my income in 2020, and you, too, can do it.

The way you think about money determines its role in your life.

People often say someone is luckier than others. They see the end-result — the success, but not the hard work and the long way towards a desired outcome.

If you live your hopes, thinking about the bright future, it will never come.

Your feelings create thoughts; your thoughts trigger a discussion with self. The monologue helps you make decisions, which are transformed into actions later. …

The Fed dictates the game, you have to adapt to take advantage of it.

In the world of investment, some adages are often repeated. Among these adages, there is one that is perfectly suited to the situation we have been experiencing since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. This adage is easy to remember:

“Don’t fight the Fed”

This adage is based on a rather simple observation.

In today’s monetary and financial system, central banks dictate the rules of the game. As the central bank of the world’s leading economic power, the Fed is obviously the one dictating the rules of the game to the rest of the world.

When the Fed decides to…

One small habit could change your savings game for good.

Consider yourself, with zero credit card debt or college loans — pulling three times your weight at work yet not knowing the reason you’re unable to invest money. Nor able to identify the leaks that are causing all your hard-earned money to go down the drain.

This isn’t just a hypothetical scenario; it was my friend’s dilemma just a few months ago.

My best friend Sana has been working two jobs since high school — and that’s beside the very frequent freelancing project she picks up now and then. …

It damages your concentration and makes you behave like prey

It is an ordinary morning for most inhabitants of the Tanzanian savannah. Except for a Lioness and its hungry cubs. The urge to feed her offspring increases the female feline awareness. She fully mobilizes her senses to the approaching herd of antelopes.

Or maybe not.

The lioness, in reality, does not care about the herd. She is laser-focused on a single antelope. One that is slightly behind due to a numb leg, probably a result of sliding in a rock after the recent rains.

The feline focuses all her plans during the next minutes only on the numb antelope. She…

How to be in control of your finances?

It was the summer of 2018 when I received my first ever paycheck and believe me I knew exactly what I was gonna do with it. It felt terrific; it still does. But, as you move forward with your career, suddenly you’re working more, earning more, and spending more. That’s what usually happens, no matter how much you earn, your expenses can always surpass your earnings if you are not careful.

Ever since I was a kid, I would sit down and do expense planning for whatever amount I receive from parents and relatives. This became something I started to…

The first time my partner and I fought about money was 5 years into our relationship.

You might think, “that’s pretty good,” considering money is one of the top issues couples fight about; but, I view it as that’s how long I was dishonest about my financial situation.

And when it was exposed, I felt like crap.

I hadn’t been honest about my savings to debt ratio. When I left the “wrong” screen up too long during a budget session, he looked over to check a mutual input and saw something I had never mentioned before.

This was awkward and…

#4. Think positively about your money

I’ll be honest: I’m not one of the richest writers on Medium. And for someone who writes about housing, economics, and money, this is shocking.

My highest-earning article on here made just over $300 in two months. Not bad, but it certainly isn’t paying the rent.

Even so, my wife and I are on track to buy our first home together next year. We’ve amassed over $30,000 in savings this year, even though both of us work hourly jobs.

How did we do it? We made a promise to each other. …


Key Takeaways from JL Collins’s Book — The Simple Path to Wealth


About a month ago, while learning about how to value a company (Aswath Damodaran’s lectures), I came across a talk a Google Talk by a self-made investor who is very popular amongst the people who are trying to gain financial independence early on in their lives. This guy, JL Collins, has a blog that has its inception in some letters about personal financial well-being to his daughter. The letters turned into a blog that turned into a book called The Simple Path to Wealth.

Although written from an American perspective, the ideas about investing in the book are timeless and…

Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos both possess these qualities.

I notice day after day that more and more people are making becoming millionaires a real-life goal. While I believe that money should never be your primary source of motivation, I also believe that telling you this will not change the way you think about things.

If your goal is to become a millionaire someday, it is not me or anyone else who can distract you from your goal.

No matter what anyone may say about the fact that money is not an end in life, and especially that the pursuit of happiness is much more important in life, you…

Paying off debt is no easy task, especially when its a lot of money. It could feel like climbing a mountain. It’s a huge, daunting task. It requires a level of focus and commitment that many of us just aren’t ready for.

For some people, just the thought of looking at those credit card balances is an anxiety inducing event that seems better put off until another time. The right time. When they are more prepared to face it.

Step 1 — The best time to start is now

The truth is the right time, the perfect time to put a plan in motion, will never really come along. …

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