So long, #TuentiChallenge9

Nuria Fernández
Jul 29, 2019 · 2 min read
Tuenti Challenge 9 team
Tuenti Challenge 9 final event!

Yep, we know that it’s been two months since we hosted the final of Tuenti Challenge 9 in our Madrid office, but we didn’t want to miss this opportunity to tell you how cool those two days were with the finalists getting to know the team and our day-to-day work first-hand.

On Thursday, when they arrived at our office, we met at our now legendary little party in the kitchen. Food, drinks, table football and ping pong to break the ice and get ready for what was to come on Friday.

To conclude the final phase of the Tuenti Challenge, the finalists had to solve another mini-contest of 3 problems within two hours. These problems were — obviously — inspired by the get-together that the challengers were able to share with us on the previous day:

1. Q&A Pizza

2. Helping the waiters (from Cheques Gourmet)

3. Tuenti’s Great Ping Pong Tournament

After a workshop session with Suso about Tuenti, our history and the technologies we use, we moved on to personal interviews.

Without further ado, we held the awards ceremony and announced the names of the winners. The podium was taken by:

1. Alberto S.

2. Gonzalo G.

3. Álvaro H.

The following participants also reached this second phase (in alphabetical order):

Diego F.

Miguel G.

Oliver S.

Roger S.

Samuel G.

Vicent P.

The finalists with our CTO at the office

As always, we would like to thank all this year’s participants for the time, enthusiasm and hours spent trying to solve our problems. Thank you very much from the entire engineering team at Tuenti. And for all of you who missed out, we hope to see you next year in the tenth edition of the Tuenti Challenge (oh, wow, A DECADE!).

We look forward to seeing you next year! 👋

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Making Tuenti

Sharing the daily awesomeness of making Tuenti

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Sharing the daily awesomeness of making Tuenti