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Tuenti Challenge 7 finalists and contest organizers

#TuentiChallenge7, season finale

Nuria Fernández
May 26, 2017 · 2 min read

We have just concluded the second phase of our programming contest with the 10 finalists joining us in our Madrid office to find out first-hand what Tuenti is and who we are.

As promised, yesterday we broke the ice with a little fun-fun-fun: there was no shortage of drinks and food. As always, the finalists got to see first-hand how we celebrate team achievements in the company ;)

Today, the finalists had to solve another mini-contest of 3 tricky little problems within two hours. This was followed by a workshop with Suso B. on Engineering at Tuenti and the lunch break. In the afternoon, the finalists had several group and individual interviews in order to finalize the decision of the committee of wise men which would decide the final ranking.

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Just an hour ago, we held the awards ceremony and announced the names of the winners. The podium is taken by:

Javier M.

Ángel Javier A.

Ferrán M.

The following participants also reached this second phase (in alphabetical order):

Isaac R.

Jose Andrés C.

Juan Carlos R.

Juan Manuel F.

Rafael B.

Rubén G.

Tomasz P.

As always, we would like to thank all this year’s participants for the time, enthusiasm and hours spent trying to solve our problems. Thank you very much from the entire engineering team at Tuenti. And for all of you who missed out, we hope to see you next year in #TuentiChallenge8 ❤

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